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Band: Hereza
Title: I Become Death
Year: 2017
Country: Croatia
Label: Godz Ov War Productions

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  1. I Become Death
  2. Jebem Vas U Usta Ladna
  3. Homo Homini Lupus Est
  4. Uništi Pali Ruši
  5. In The Name Of God
  6. Full Moon Slaughter
  7. Neplodna Jama
  8. Torn From The Death's Bed
  9. Pošast
  10. Tombcrawler

Hereza is a young but already very confident act. General information: it's a duo consisting of lead singer Ivan Novacevic and everything-else-but-also-singer Slobodan Stupar; the band's active since 2014, made its debut the following year with an album called "Misanthrope" and released last February this "I Become Death" through Godz Ov War Productions. What should we expect from such Croatian project, then? Some evil death metal in the European vein, obviously!

The band's second effort, in fact, is a death metal blow right to the head of the listener: melodic indeed but also featuring some punk influences which makes everything terribly easy-listening and possibly, even — God, this sounds so wrong — pleasant. When you play "I Become Death", you're not going to notice that it's already ended: I don't mean that its half a hour won't leave you anything or that it'll bore you, not at all; its almost never-ending upbeat drums will get inside your head and will surgically graft itself there, living no room for anything else but guitars' groovy riffs and brutal vocals.

Are you thinking about Dismember? Did you notice any similarity? It seems to me that Hereza based their project's sound right on top of those gentlemen's shoulders (just think of "Death Metal", for example) and Vader's, too (obviously for what concerns modern productions), with just a hint of Hypocrisy (possibly for their melodies) into the blend. Nonetheless, I don't mean that they completely lack uniqueness: their style is pretty distinct. Though this is not any revolutionary release, the ten tracks lot won't easily bother you, whether you listen to it carefully or you keep it as a soundtrack while you do anything else.

Diehard deathsters and lovers of this genre in general, I perfectly know you're always looking for fresh meat: Hereza is a name you should keep in mind for sure, trust me; and, in case you don't trust me, just give a listen to "I Become Death": it should be enough to settle things.

Band: The Ritualist
Title: Hell's Doom Eternal
Year: 2017
Country: U.S.A.
Label: I Hate Records

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Translation: LordPist
  1. Awaken The Eibon
  2. Lament For Dying Dreams
  3. The Suffering / Sulphur Spirits
  4. Sadomatic Rites [Beherit cover]
DURATA: 34:52

The Ritualist is just the latest brainchild of Chad Davis, an artist known for his role in Hour Of 13 and tons of other bands he currently plays in. This new embodiment is inspired by what we may refer to as his main project (that is, Hour Of 13), specifically by the title of their second release.

"Hell's Doom Eternal" is nothing but a more refined and longer version of the demo "Hell's Doom", initially only released as a tape in 2015, here enriched by including a cover of the highly elegant Beherit. "Sadomatic Rites" is definitely intriguing, as morbidly occult as the original, but here reinterpreted through the classic epic doom sound created by Davis.

All in all, this creature treads on a territory deeply rooted in the Eighties: The Ritualist's pantheon includes Bathory and the darkest recesses of Celtic Frost, Candlemass, and NWOBHM; putting on an actual ritual into music.

Those familiar with this man's music will already know that "Hell's Doom Eternal" has to be added to their wishlist, as yet another successful creation by a mind — once again obedient to Satan — that skillfully striding in darkness with self-confidence. Darkness shall rise!

Seventh Genocide - Toward Akina
Band: Seventh Genocide
Title: Toward Akina
Year: 2017
Country: Italy
Label: WOOAAARGH / Third I Rex

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  1. Astral Bliss
  2. Life Is Poison
  3. Love Is Poison
  4. Transparent
  5. Immense As The Universe
  6. Immense As The Ocean
  7. Last Fall Before The Impact

A couple of years ago, the full-length debut by Rome-based band Seventh Genocide ("Breeze Of Memories") was one of the greatest surprises of the year for me, particularly in terms of emerging Italian bands. By the end of 2017 I found myself with their highly anticipated coming of age record, as "Toward Akina" was released as a digipak via WOOAAARGH and Third I Rex.

Before talking about the album itself, I should mention the two new entries of the lineup, guitarists Stefano Allegretti and Jacopo Gianmaria Pepe, who had already worked with the ubiquitous Rodolfo Ciuffo in his other project Angew. The astral and supernatural artwork by Adrian Dexter (already seen at work on the visuals for stoner-doom band Elder) takes us to a world more complex and extensive than the one Ciuffo had portrayed a couple of years ago, starting from its sheer size already.

"Toward Akina" almost reaches one hour and includes plenty of different elements in its music and imagery: the alcestesque dreamlike openings heard in "Breeze Of Memories" here meet with a universal and somewhat immense vision. Someone talked about an encounter with '70s progressive rock and actually, after the pounding beginning of "Astral Bliss", this idea starts to look pretty consistent (with a great example in "Life Is Poison").

Seventh Genocide opened this record with the fall of mankind, leading us to several reflections upon life, the universe, and everything, in a journey toward "Akina". The title is perhaps one of the weaker links, as it isn't very clear what it is and the word itself doesn't really have a precise meaning (mainly, a given name broadly related to green, brightness, light and other things). Maybe they liked the sound of this word and the almost mystical aura it transmits, together with sounds and visuals.

Then it is also time for the amazing diptych "Immense As The Universe" / "Immense As The Ocean", in which the narrator starts off from where the enthralling speech by Stephen Hawking left in the intro, going on to deal first-hand with the infinity of the universe. Agallochesque tones resurface here and there thanks to verses such as «As a grain in the great cosmos my essence seems lost in this celestial darkness», but especially in their music through the interactions between vocals (be they whispered or screamed) and guitars. The record ends with the instrumental "Last Fall Before The Impact" (a reference to "Neon Genesis Evangelion"), ideally foreshadowing a new beginning from the first song in an endlessly repeating circle.

Seventh Genocide's latest effort deserves all the attention it has received over the last few months, and even more. After having opened for bands such as Novembers Doom this last autumn, the quartet from Rome is getting ready for a European tour in 2018. I can only recommend you to go and listen to them live.

Frozen Ocean - Transience
Band: Frozen Ocean
Title: Transience
Year: 2017
Country: Russia
Label: Self-Released

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  1. Brooks Run To The Comet Lake
  2. Torpor And Parallax In Lightbeam's Jaunt
  3. Eyechains
  4. Wormwood
  5. Tredje Vind: Handflate Av Stormen
  6. Lurker
  7. The Dyson Swarm
  8. To Drown In Hoary Grass
  9. Mare Imbrium
  10. The Prowess Of Dormition
  11. The Sorewood Disrepair
  12. Isig Flod
  13. Space Orchards
  14. White Birds Thaw On Toy Soldier's Burial
  15. Tijd Die Door Ons Voorbijgaat
RUNNING TIME: 01:27:33

I generally don't deal too much with cosmic music, having someone here at Aristocrazia who tends to cover this area with great continuity (as we have seen with the likes of Midnight Odyssey or Mare Cognitum). It was actually Bosj himself to write about one of the previous works by the one-man band Frozen Ocean in our Italian version. This time, the Russian multi-instrumentalist Vaarwel personally chose and arranged songs from his musical universe in a retrospective collection. A kind of navigation map for the immense production by Frozen Ocean, which might otherwise scare off eventual people who intended to venture around these unhospitable coordinates.

"Transience" welcomes us to a dark world made of grey clouds, strange shapes and lightnings cracking down from the sky, in an artwork that kind of reminded me of "Searching For The Fourth Dimension", a 1979 work by Salvador Dalí, here reinterpreted in a more obscure way. Musically (but also conceptually) speaking, Vaarwel defined three macro-areas in his production: one close to dark ambient (Aether), one related to black metal (Nether), and another one close to post-rock (Tether). Naturally, these three worlds influence each other and cross paths very frequently, thus resulting in an interconnected universe.

Let's make it clear that this is quite a humongous collection, featuring fifteen tracks over about one hour and a half of cosmic sounds and deep space; clearly not something suitable for everyone. However, "Transience" is an interesting introduction to the many facets of the Russian project, eventually allowing us to first approach the areas we are more familiar with, without having to randomly look for something in the vast and not always constant (in terms of quality) discography.

The first four songs highlight the more ambient and empyrean side of Frozen Ocean, the perfect soundtrack to our meditations about the cosmos and our role in it. Then it's time for a window on black metal with "Tredje Vind" and "Lurker", while we can enjoy some examples of the peaceful coexistence of the three different worlds, for example in "Mare Imbrium", or "Space Orchards".

Frozen Ocean created a long and lucid travel guide through its own universe, for the use of all wannabe cosmic explorers. The collection is also available on the official Bandcamp page in a «name your price» formula; if you are curious to discover the space orchards cultivated by Vaarwel before making up your mind about his discography, you now know where to go.

Band: Absque Cor
Title: Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć
Year: 2017
Country: Poland
Label: Godz Ov War Productions


  1. Jeden Księżyc Wciąż Wskazuje
  2. To Co W Człowieku Nieuniknione
  3. Zdecyduj Więc Sam, Którą Wybierzesz Drogę
  4. Do Niezbawienia

The main reason of the words I'm writing down is one and only: if you like black metal, the Polish version of it in particular, it would be bad for you to ignore Absque Cor.

Done with the premise, I can tell you that the details we know about Vos, the mind behind this one man band, are very few. All you need to know is "Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć" is his official debut, and it came out last year via Godz Ov War Productions, the album's tracklist is made of four tracks and, in my opinion, it's too short.

Let me explain: Absque Cor's black metal is first-rate, the listener gets overwhelmed by the emotional charge derived by the music, by freezing riffs and interesting musical ideas. "Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć" is one of those albums you have to listen to in the darkness, alone, knowing the closer person to you is far away, a work that cradles you into the pain and suffering of the screaming vocals, while you are reflecting on your own despair.

Unfortunately, it only lasts around thirty minutes. Saying Absque Cor's target is made of listeners who probably have decent knowledge of the genre, and from this we can deduce they dedicated their time to twice longer records, but with a quarter of the ideas, I'd have liked to hear at least another track. This makes the experience a little less satisfying, leaving the listener at the end of "Do Niezbawienia" wanting for more. "Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć" is one of those debuts from which you don't expect such great musical quality. Firstly because Absque Cor took care of the form, both in the song structure revealing a certain level of stylistical maturity and interesting evolutions, and the high quality production.

I think that after reading my words you have a clear idea of the sensations you can feel listening to Absque Cor, and I hope to have intrigued you enough to make you discover what for me has been a surprise. Now forgive me but all this talking about it made me want to insert "Wędrówkę Haniebnie Zakończyć" in my CD player, turning on the «repeat all» option.