We are the staff of Aristocrazia and we did our best during all these years for the magazine. We started by reviewing albums bought with our own money, like every music fan should do, and we often still do so. Our working team is very stable and changes are rare.

Who are the members of Aristocrazia? They are young fanatics, expert metal heads or even musicians who take care of their own projects.

Why have we started writing musical reviews? The main reason is because we like to live together, although mostly in a virtual way, and we like to talk about the music we love. We are also driven by an unbridled passion for extreme sounds. The result is visible on our site. Many articles were born from an idea or just pure excitement.


We only accept hard copies (CD-R burnt from mp3 are NO alibi...). The only exceptions are self-produced works, very limited pressings or titles that at the end will be available in a digital form only.

To avoid discussions we wish to tell you why we took such a decision:

We always preferred to work on a hard copy because it is the palpable result of the label or band’s efforts and it is also what the customer will get.

Our small crew is submerged by digital files which aren’t always easy to handle.

Aristocrazia is not interested in being a platform for those people thinking to get some free advertising and promotion due to our work.

We don’t ask hundreds of promo CDs, tapes or LPs and we don't really need so many. We prefer to select from the list sent by the label first, to decide what is worth to write about. This might also be useful to labels, which can ship only what they are sure will be taken care of, saving money.

These are clear and direct rules aiming to maintain long lasting friendly collaborations.

Our motto is: from fans to fans. We wish to give our readers the support that helps them to decide if a product is worth buying or not. A poor quality of the promotional material and its information may also mean a poor base for the customer to decide.

Finally, we would to remind the bands, labels and promotions that this is a metal dedicated webzine, but we evaluate all requests, from classical music to pure electronica, according to the musical preferences and the availability of the staff. The same criteria also guide us in accept or decline a request: we always prefer to focus on the quality of our writings rather than the mere quantity. So, if we refuse your request for a review, don't take it personal.