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Black Metal Reviews

BELZEBUBS - Chatting with JP Ahonen

BELZEBUBS – Chatting with JP Ahonen

We met artist JP Ahonen, author of Belzebubs, to talk about his comic and... How his characters are about to release an album under Century Media ...
HANORMALE - Reborn In Butterfly

HANORMALE – Reborn In Butterfly

The "Reborn In Butterfly" unique compositive process resulted in an avant-black metal album as you never heard before ...
DALKHU - Lamentation And Ardent Fire

DALKHU – Lamentation And Ardent Fire

Despite some excesses still to be fixed, the Dalkhu's mix of black and death metal has made decisive steps forward ...

Death Metal Reviews

BLOODBATH - Interview

BLOODBATH – Interview

We met the Swedish death metal supergroup and talked about their new album, Dan Swanö, Katatonia, magic in music and a wish tu fulfill ...
CHTHONIC - Battlefields Of Asura

CHTHONIC – Battlefields Of Asura

Chthonic's melodic death metal comes back to tell us about Taiwan's complicated history, in the prologue to the "Souls Reposed" series ...
Veratrum - Visioni

Veratrum – Visioni

Band: Veratrum Title: Visioni Year: 2018 Country: Italy Label: Self-Released Contacts:   Translation: LordPist TRACKLIST Oltre Il Vero Per Antares ...

Doom Metal Reviews

ORGAN - Eterno

ORGAN – Eterno

An inspired and interesting EP making the band run for a respectable place within an expanding scene ...


Void Of Silence return after eight years, with a doom metal work about experiments in aviation at the beginning of the Twentieth Century ...
NORTHERN CROWN - Northern Crown

NORTHERN CROWN – Northern Crown

How can someone switch seamlessly between Rainbow and Black Sabbath's hard 'n' heavy and My Dying Bride's doom metal? Northern Crown kindly explain it to us ...

Post-Metal Reviews



Talking about music, politics, and philosophy with Don Anderson, Khôrada's guitarist. ...
SSANAHTES - Ssanahtes

SSANAHTES – Ssanahtes

Dark, sick, and grey. Let's delve deep into Ssanahtes' debut in the realm of post-metal ...
ATLASES - Penumbra

ATLASES – Penumbra

Band: Atlases Title: Penumbra Year: 2017 Country: Finland Label: Pest Records Contacts: TRACKLIST An Era We'll Bury A Passage Through ...