#212 EVOLVING PAST, NEWBORN FUTURE | Aristocrazia Webzine


Dear Aristocratic readers,

our lives are turning once again toward the darkest and coldest time of the year (our favourite one, isn't it?), therefore we'd like to suggest you some releases you should not ignore, for they represent both the new shape of an old, classic band and the new life born from the darkness of the unknown.

Starting from the well-known name, the latest release from Norwegian progressive black metal pioneers Enslaved is indeed worthwhile. Grutle and Ivar's band surely doesn't need any introduction while their latest "E" might need one: as the project's sound turns to more prog rock shores, the overall mood doesn't change that much from its recent, modern shape. It is not an album for those who still think these guys should get back to their roots, so if you're that kind of blackster you can just skip this one; if you otherwise like "RIITIR" and "In Times", "E" will possibly find some room in your collection.

Turning your faces to the misty Polish underground scene you will be able to see Loathfinder — or at least to have a glimpse of them. We know literally nothing about the band, we can only make assumptions. What is clear is that their debut release "The Great Tired Ones" is a consistent sludge/doom work filled with horrors and nightmares so if you were looking for some new terrific young project to give you chills down the spine, there you are!

Alas, that's all for this week. Remember: enjoy the darkness, praise the doom, keep on growing and evolving. Salutations from yours truly: heippa hei!

Enslaved – E
Loathfinder – The Great Tired Ones

Párodos – "Catharsis" Release Party (28/10/2017 @ Mumble Rumble, Salerno)

Anathema + Alcest (22/10/2017 @ Kino Šiška, Ljubljana)
Atrexial – Souverain

Aphonic Threnody – Interview
Kingdom – Sepulchral Psalms From The Abyss Of Torment
Wyatt E. – Exile To Beyn Neharot

Inexorable – Sea Of Dead Consciousness
Párodos – Catharsis
Wolves In The Throne Room – Interview
Wolves In The Throne Room – Thrice Woven

Pig's Blood – Pig's Blood
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