Dear aristocratic readers,

Since you enjoy our site in English, you might have not noticed something which we pay much attention about: the way we use Italian language to write our articles. Let me explain: the issue first and then our point of view.

You see, over the last years Italian language has acquired tons of new words borrowing them (especially) from English; in this very case, though, I'm not talking about newborn words created ad hoc to describe something new: I mean very common ones, from dozens of semantic fields — including music, of course. That is why we do often see examples of Italian webzines, magazines and possibly some newspapers talking about «drummer», «tracklist» or even «platter», when, as a matter of fact, we have our own words to describe those meanings («batterista», «scaletta» and «disco / opera»). Including in our vocabulary expressions like «title track» is much easier for us instead of saying «pezzo che porta il titolo del disco», or adding almost untranslatable words like «riff», «tremolo picking», «scream» or «growl».

That might sound a little bit strange to you and I understand that maybe that's an issue you're not so familiar with, so I'll try my best to help you figure it out: imagine everyone around started saying «prosciutto» instead of «ham», «automobile» instead of «car» or «vasca da bagno» instead of «bath (tub)». Although it would possibly start to make sense to your ears after some time, wouldn't it be a shame not to use your own words to say that you'd «have a bath in your vasca da bagno before eating some prosciutto before getting into the automobile to go somewhere»?

Words are part of our languages and languages are concrete part of our cultures, which have their own peculiar aspects and thus are different from each other. Abusing of mechanisms that allow languages to grow and evolve just for fun — or worst, for fashion — is something we aristocratic deeply believe to be wrong. Therefore we always do our best to say thing in our words. It's not a matter of nationalism or patriotism, we're not those kind of people. Everyone would be able to review and express their thoughts on a live gig or an album: it's how you say it that makes the difference.

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Aristocrazia 2009-2018
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