#5 METAL AND GAMEBOOKS | Aristocrazia Webzine


I am really proud of this update, because this week we have a very passionate and nostalgic article by Duca Strige, even if it has nothing to do with metal nor music in general. Unfortunately, it is not in double language, but is only featured in Italian. It is about the most popular series among the gamebooks in such high fashion during the eighties: Lone Wolf. In addition to this, this week we have published our latest Nerdavind column, where you can find our comments about anything not related to music (and this is why we decided to include an article about Gamebooks this very week).

Back to music though, we did not forget about our beloved international followers, and we proudly present you a review for Thy Light's latest work by Lord Pist, and an interview with Mormânt De Snagov conducted by M1, in addition to the usual load of articles in Italian that you are free to browse from the italian version of the homepage.