#65 HEL(L)VETIC REVOLUTION | Aristocrazia Webzine


Hi everyone,

We have an unusual news for you: our only Swiss member decided to kill his web-based identity which we used to call ticino1. But don't worry! From the ashes of its virtual corpse, a new figure was instantly born: ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the not-so-new Aristocrat, Ul_Fieschi. Despite his death and incredibly fast rebirth, don't even dare to think of any other changes in his style or tastes. You already know what to expect from him.

Putting this aside, this week we bring you an interview with Polish deathsters Calm Hatchery and a review of Dead Becomes The Sun's 2013 effort called "The Last Eclipse", apocalyptic and straightforward Black Metal act from France.

Have a nice week.

Calm Hatchery – Interview
Dead Becomes The Sun – The Last Eclipse

Akem Manah – Demons Of The Sabbat
Mick Moss – Acosutic Songbook (28/12/2014 @No Cage, Prato)
Nuclear War Now! Festival Volume IV (08/11/2014)- Part II

Nine Treasures (13/12/2014 @ On Stage, Shanghai)
Paul Speckmann – Interview 2010 [updated]
Playlist 2014

Monads – Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem