#67 ARISTOCRATIC CAULDRON | Aristocrazia Webzine


Welcome back to Aristocrazia,

Something's happening in the depths of the forest surrounding our mansion, witches and wizards from everywhere have gathered in order to summon evil spirits. Their combined powers have given life to our latest project: The Cauldron. It is an unpredictable sorcery that will evoke different characters from time to time, and they will narrate their unsettling stories to us and allow us to refine our grasp of the world behind the stage. This time, our magicians have summoned Serpent Est from the Italian black metal band Kaiserreich.

Apart from this, this week we are also featuring the release of the second album by Amederia, a Russian gothic/doom metal band coming back after a six-year silence. As for interviews, you can read about the French project Ysengrin in the words of its founder Guido Saint Roch, in an interview he released in 2012 and now available in the new format.

Amederia – Unheard Prayers
The Cauldron #1
Ysengrin – Interview 2012 [updated]

Grisâtre – Paroxystique

Calm Hatchery – Interview
Dead Becomes The Sun – The Last Eclipse

Akem Manah – Demons Of The Sabbat
Mick Moss – Acoustic Songbook (28/12/2014 @No Cage, Prato)
Nuclear War Now! Festival Volume IV (08/11/2014) – Part II