#71 "SATAN"

#71 “SATAN”

Dear readers,

March is here and it doesn't seem to have brought any signs of comfort whatsoever, as the world is the mess it always is and things even appear to get more and more complex. This is the right context in which to enjoy TarLung's music, this sludge/doom metal band from Austria puts human struggle at the center of their musical research, and you can discover more about them in our interview. 

In addition, we are featuring the Finnish raw black metal act Oath with their debut album from 2014, focusing on Satanic imagery and lyrics. 

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Oath – Saatanan Myrsky Yllä Pyhän Maan
TarLung – Interview

goreshit – Interview 2012 [updated]

Lachrimatory – Transient
N.K.V.D. – Interview 2011 [updated]
Napalm Death – Apex Predator – Easy Meat

Lelahell – Interview


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