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Dear readers,

after almost five years on the run, a website and a blogger experience on our backs, we are glad to introduce you to the third incarnation of Aristocrazia Webzine. This new website has been created mainly out of our continuous search for new ways of improving our offer, and especially out of the need to provide our contents with a better package as well. There are innumerable new possibilities that a complete platform will give us, and we are eager to gradually discover and implement them together with you. In this first editorial, we want to highlight some of the new features of our webzine.

The Forum. Aristocrazia started about seven years ago as a discussion board, and the dialogue between fans remained extremely important for all of us. We hope that, adding this kind of option on our website, we will manage to improve the interaction between staff and readers. You can use it to comment on our work, make suggestions or critiques, talk about music-related topics and whatnot. There are still improvements to be made at this stage and we are sure that your participation will help us find what direction to follow, so let your voice be heard.

Tags. We have never been big fans of categorizing and classifying. We do not give votes and do not like to confine a musical project into a single genre or niche. However, from now on you will find some genre tags in our articles, for two reasons. Firstly, they will help you find similar bands by clicking on the tag of your interest. The main reason, though, is that this way you will have a general idea of a band and if you are a Black Metal fan you might want to skip reading an article reading "Power Metal", and vice-versa. However, these tags will just serve as guidelines and you will find the main subgenres in metal (e.g. Black Metal, Power Metal, Death Metal, and so on) or, if it is a non-metal review, only the related genre (e.g. Electronic, Progressive Rock, Ambient…). Naturally, for a more detailed definition you will have to read the main body of the review.

The search feature. If you already know us, you will know that our database is quite big. Our articles, reviews, interviews and live reports add up to thousands of pages. Unfortunately, the upgrading of the old material to the new format is going to take us an extremely long time, so we can’t guarantee it will be done in a few weeks. Nevertheless, we will gradually change our old articles to the new format, though without promising anything in terms of time. Meanwhile, you can still rely on the article list page.

Our Manifesto. Having migrated to a new platform, we also took up the chance to change a couple of things here. Without further ado, you can read it here.

Comments to articles. Your thoughts about our work are precious and we decided to offer you the chance to comment on all our articles. After registering, you will be able to let us know what you think here as well, apart from the forum and our Facebook page.

That's all for now, please go on and have a look at the first update of Aristocrazia Webzine 3.0. For any requests, you know where to find us.

Perversion – Storm Of Evil
The True Endless – Legacy Of Hate
Skoll – Grisera
Burn Of Black – Danger
Black Oath – Ov Qliphoth And Darkness
Impalers – Power Behind The Throne
Santa Rita – High On The Sea
Cold Fusion – Orp Orzel
Corde Oblique – Per Le Strade Ripetute
Eibon La Furies – The Immoral Compass

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