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Band: Annthennath
Translation: Fedaykin
Line Up:

  • Shaxul – Vocals
  • N°6 – Guitar
  • Lyshd Mordrak – Guitar
  • Welkin – Bass
  • Thyr – Drums

Today we'll have a chat with the French blacksters Annthennath.


Welcome Annthennath on our site. As we always do, may you present your band to our readers?

Shaxul: Infernal Hails! Shaxul here, answering to your questions. Annthennath was born in 2002. We released two demos and an album up till now. We perform anti-human Black Metal. The line-up is Shaxul (vocals), N°6 (guitars), Lyshd (guitars), Welking (bass) and Thyr (drums).

What's the meaning of your monicker Annthennath?

Lyshd Mordrak (guitar) found the name. It's Elvish music in the Tolkien mythology. Not that we write about such stuffs, not at all actually, and I wasn't in the band yet but I guess it sounded great back then and most importantly, it's very difficult to write with such a fukked up spelling so it's a real torture for everybody [laughs]. Though with your webzine you can "cut and paste" it which is very easy!

I came in contact with your music visiting your Myspace and I got stunned listening "Sexual Transcendence", then surfing the net I also saw the artwork of your album and it charmed me. Why did you choose that image and what do you want to express with it and the album title "States Of Liberating Departure"?

The artist is Milovan Novakovic from Montenegro. I sent all my lyrics to him and I did my best to explain the concept. He came up with this after some hard work, and we are totally satisfied, it's just brilliant. It fits to the lyrics and music perfectly. And look, the character is holding eight "spheres" and there are eight songs… Maybe there's a connection…

Your album is multifaceted, the guitars are very important in the creation of the melodies and they continuously change making the tracks variegated and never repetitive. "Survival Action" shows this feature immediately. How do you write your songs?

N°6 is the main composer, Lyshd also writes riffs, and they are the 2 guitarists. They are responsible for the essence of each song so to speak, that's why the guitar parts stroke you I guess, not forgetting that there is an important use of solos contrary to many Black Metal bands of today. We don't forget our Heavy Metal roots. All the other members write their parts once the guitar riffs are made.

You often play with the alternation of crashing speed and wider, atmospheric parts, how did you create your personal sound?

It comes naturally… Playing fast all the time, or slow all the time would be boring. We like series of ups and downs to strike the listener.

You choosed to give a very "important" role to the bass, why this choice? It is a prominent part of your sound and not only a complementary one, it's almost a trademark.

For some years bass in Black Metal lost its importance and it's very sad. We believe we have a strong line-up where each musician works hard on his parts, and Welkin is a very creative bass player. His style is perfect for Annthennath. It's high in the mix because it would be a pity if nobody could here it, and once again our roots are important and all Black Metal masterpieces gave an important role to the bass. The correct question should be: "why can't we hear the fukking bass in so many releases popping up nowadays?!"

Who writes the lyrics? How much they weigh upon the worth of the songs? What are they about?

I am responsible for the lyrics. I think it is an important part because I try to put in words what the music expresses to me. I mainly write about the hate I have towards human beings, religions, politics and everything blind and foolish. This is about my satanic philosophy and way of seeing things. The album is a concept about the eight levels of consciousness, but I wrote them from my own point of view. You should have read them before so you would have come up with detailed questions instead of just asking what it's all about…

The french scene passed some years wallowing in the fame of the LLN movement, how is the situation now?

Still full of posers and trendies, plagued by ridiculous sub-genres like religious, depressive-suicidal, NS and so on. I guess that by "scene" you refer to the "Black Metal" one. There are some worthy bands that I support with my label Armee De La Mort Records. In this country it's very rare to find bands with an own identity yet keeping the traditions alive.

Are there any bands among the modern scene which you would recommend to us and our readers?

You mean the worldwide scene? [laughs] It's so huge, man. Of course I could recommend hundreds of bands. Just open your ears and eyes, and support bands with integrity and Metal knowledge.

Annthennath is actually a band that has an enviable line-up, all the members are or have been engaged in high level bands. Why did you want to create this project?

Because we had so many time to lose that we thought it could be cool to form another band in this outnumbered scene [laughs]. Seriously speaking, it's always hard to answer, we just felt the need to do this. Why painters paint? Why musicians play music? Why roses are red? I can't answer [laughs].

Your album has been released on april 30th, how are you promote it and how is Pictonian Records supporting you?

Vincent of Pictonian Records is a great friend and he is supporting us as much as he can, with distribution and promotion.

Will we see you playing gigs across Europe or is Annthennath "only" a studio project?

Answer number two!

Visiting your Myspace i read that the tape version of "Ocean" has been released by a Chilean label, a rip off one. Some of this "men" are still alive, do you want to send a message to this guy?

"Océan" is a release by Sael. So you've mistaken the pages, man [laughs]. The link between Sael and Annthennath is that N°6 is the main composer, nothing more. The line-up, style and all are very different. Though I can answer because I am the one who found the deal with Tyrannus Records from Chile for Sael (and Quintessence as well), and I regret the situation so much. I have nothing to say to this asshole, he already knows what we think. I prefer to send a message to people seeing his name somewhere: avoid at all costs! Death to this son of a bitch ripping off honest bands and labels!

What do you thinnk about the work of 'zines, webzines, magazines and other portals about Metal? Did you ever think that some of them are corrupt or at least that they change their reviews depending on the bands?

I think that most webzines are very shitty and full of useless informations, mixing too many genres, supporting commercial crap, with boring interviews that never go in-depth and reviews praising hype stuffs. I am addicted to traditional paper zines. But I answer to all interviews, I always do it on principle, that's why I am so kind to answer to you [laughs]. Well, big magazines are corrupted of course. But it's a different world, as I said I buy, distribute and support honest underground zines only, to avoid all the shit insulting the cult of Metal.

Which is the best method to spread your music today in your opinion? Do you have any regrets thinking to the tape-trading era, when a song or an advice from a friend was enough to "try" the purchase of the album?

I knew the tape-trading era very well and it was good but I have no regrets because Internet is a very useful tool. If we could go back in time and have the choice between sending e-mails or sending snail mail, of course we would all choose e-mails, right? It's cheap, fast and safe. So I don't really feel any nostalgia about that even if those were great days. You can still buy an album from a simple song or advice, you can even check more music on the Internet and see if you like the band or not. But then if you like it you must buy it! The problem is: as any new tool, people don't use it in the good way, and more and more people have thousand songs and albums on their hard disk, without understanding a shit about what a record is all about. No computer files can replace a record and its mightiness. So if you like Annthennath, buy our stuffs and enjoy them, and if you are a stupid anti-Metal cunt, you can still download it illegally on the web, now that's up to you [laughs].

Thanks for the time you spent with us, the last message for our readers is up to you.

666 thanxxx for the support. A split 7" EP between Annthennath and Frostmoon Eclipse (from your country!) will be available soon on my own label Armee De La Mort Records. I will also release a kind of compilation by Annthennath called "Bridges To Nothingness", gathering old and rare recordings, and 3 brand new tracks. Stay tuned, here are my contacts: Legion Of Death Records / Armee De La Mort Records,  WebSite + WebShope-mail or snail mail (LOD Records / BP 21 / 86210 Bonneuil-Matours / France).