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Band: Deep Desolation
Translation:  Insanity
Line Up:

  • Piorun – Bass
  • Markiz – Guitar
  • Meriath – Guitar, Vocals
  • Wilku – Drums

In 2011 I talked with Meriath of Deep Desolation, 2012 brought us a new album, "Rites Of Blasphemy", and the chance of talking with the band too, so let's update the situation.



Welcome on Aristocrazia Webzine, how has 2012 been for you? We are almost at the end, would you like to sum it up?

Meriath: Year 2012 was very busy for us, hard work in the studio, few gigs, new ideas and writing songs for new album. As you can see we are hard working band, and still there is plenty of energy in us.

At the end of 2011 you released the split with Iugulatus and Primal, how are you linked to these bands? Respect, friendship and how much are this kind of releases with more bands useful? I read many critics about this, often with no reason.

We are friends outside music as well, we know each other quite well, we hang out quite often, about split releases themselves, I have mixed feelings myself about them, sometimes there are too many different styles involved, but from the other side there is something above music itself. We wanted to show our support and cooperation between bands, that's why we have released that split. Style we presented on the split was a continuation of "Subliminal Visions" album, and recording of these new tracks was the chance to present new drummer, who just entered the band, and my vocals, shortly speaking on the split we presented changes occured since the debut album.

Let's talk about "Rites Of Blasphemy", how did you choose the title?

Title for "Rites Of Blasphemy" came itself. During writing music and lyrics we figured out that they are blasphemous to some degree, both music and lyrics. When Markiz wrote lyrics to "Blasphemous Rite" we decided it would be variation to title an album as a collection of rituals of blasphemy like.

Your sound is still binded to the Black/Doom one in "Subliminal Visions" but now there is more "drug", there is a psychedelic attitude that supports that allucinations that your music wants to create. What changed in your composition work? Did your change your musical tastes during this time? Which are the albums that you listened to while composing yours?

No, we didn't change our musical taste! Music evolves itself in us. We practice every new song for many times, so we have plenty of time to change what we want to change, but it wasn't like we planned to record "more psychedelic" album. I brought my ideas and riffs, that's the change, because previous album was completly written by Markiz. "Rites Of Blasphemy "contains more of my ideas, Piorun gave few melodies, and Wilku gave few arrangments, so we can say, it was more team work involved in creating "Rites Of Blasphemy".

Invoking ancient rituals in the titletrack, annihilating the faith power in "Cuius Regio/Eius Religio", and the man becoming divine in "I Became God". Is still religion something bad that mankind can't destroy? Is it an help for the spirit or pure mental enslavement?

In my opinion faith completly weakens human's mind. People blinded by faith, they can not think logically. We in Deep Desolation oppose to such state of things. We think human being should develop and improve continuosly, at the same time we think we should pleasure ourselves and satisfying our lusts. That's what we think.

I noticed more freedom in you and Markiz while moving in the tracks, your vocal lines are more defined and varied, he made some good solos. Did you constantly rehearse together? How many hours do you spend together and how mane of them do you spend together outside the musical world? Are band still a sort of family?

We practise regularly between three to six hours a week together in our rehersal room. Guitar solos and vocals are very important parts of our music, we pay huge attention to these elements, recording solos themselves in studio took five hours, which is long comparing to whole time we spent recording full album, some solos were improvised, we compared one version to another and eventually we picked up best ones. Beside our rehersal room, we hang out pretty often, we are very close friends, not only co-workers! Markiz socialise with us a bit less frequently because he works hard with his other bands and he praises his loneliness in his spare time. We all are close friends, and it is not only about music.

Did you play your work on stage? Have you already scheduled any dates?

We didn't play many gigs after release of the album honestly speaking, but we did few live shows all right and received good critical acclaim.

In a musical scene so competitive like the metal one, maybe too disposable and pop-like in the last years, which is the formula to guarantee the integrity of a musical sound? Many bands, after the debut, change genre or get more commercial, is there less passion than before?

If someone record good music and then change style playing for pussies, that person shouldn't play metal at all! I think these people still have a passion for metal, but they have drive for money at the same time! They think if they record few catchy songs then success is guaranted! We don't respect people with that attitude at all! They make puppets of themselves.

Talking with older friends, they often afflict because there is less "magic" which charachterized the Eighties and the first Nineties. is it the same for you? Did Metal lose something tthat used to make it special?

Yes and no at the same time. It lost something, but gained as well. The pain is there are plenty of pseudo-bands, where they have rich parents behind and they sponsor them record session and plenty of shit music swarm the scene. About the music itself, I am a fan of old school metal, Piorun prefers modern black metal scene, Markiz and Wilku mix old and new, we complement one another in the band in terms of music, me and Markiz listen to hard rock and blues, but it has to be really good stuff with a message.

Are Deep Desolation already working at the follower of "Rites Of Blasphemy" or maybe will you make some more little works before it?

Yes, we are working on it, and I' ll tell you more, we have songs already written! Now we practice songs in rehersal room. Everything has to tick, it has to be 100% perfect! We want to start record session at the end of year 2013!

The five albums that made you the artist that you are today?

  1. Black Sabbath "Vol. 4"
  2. Mayhem "De Mysteris Dom Satanas"
  3. Cathedral " The Carnival Bizarre";
  4. Immortal – "Battles In The North"
  5. Iron Maiden – "Powerslave"

And the last five that you brought and that you'd like to recommend to our readers?

  1. Cultes Des Ghoules – "Henbane"

  2. Voivod – "Target Earth"

  3. Grave – "Endless Procession Of Souls"

  4. Craft  – "Void"

  5. Horseback – "Half Blood"

Passions besides music? Books, technology, sport…

Speaking of myself beside creating and performing music, I love books, video games and movies. Books and games are huge time consumers for me, I love to find myself in completely different world using only my imagination, it is the same about video games.

If you could make a festival to introduce "Ritual Blasphemy" to a great audience (of course with you as headliner), which bands would you choose?

Saturnalia Temple, Witchsorrow, swedish Pest if they would play live, and us, Deep Desolation on top of that, would make a perfect line up.

The interview is finished, would you like to send a message to our readers inviting them to try your music?

If you love psychedelic sounds, music consisted of evil itself, then our music is just for you! Check our "Blasphemous Rites" album and praise Devil. That's our message. Thanks for your time.