Horror movies and Satan, a chat with GosT

GOST – Interview

Gruppo: GosT

  • Baalberith
  • Carreau [live]

Dark-/synthwave played by GosT, solo project of the American Baalberith, has evolved and got heavier in the last few years, as 2018’s record Possessor clearly shows, just to mention one example. Released through Century Media on October 4th, Valediction proved to be a piece of work of the same kind, where we find electronic moments and unmistakable metal; what is more, GosT is right now on tour next to two huge names such as Mayhem and Gaahls Wyrd. We took this chance to have a chat with him in the flesh.

First of all, welcome on Aristocrazia Webzine! Glad to have you here.

Baalberith: Thanks for having me!

There’s sort of a mysterious aura concerning the character GosT/Baalberith and his music, although it is impossible not to notice a strong, blackened metal influence: how would you describe your music to someone who’s still a newbie attempting to approach it?

It’s increasingly difficult to explain my sound without stringing a sentence together so I just say, heavy electronic.

Synthwave and darkwave have infiltrated in many metalheads’ playlists in the last few years, I fell in love with their hypnotic rhythms and atmosphere myself; on the other hand, many synthwave artists – including you – have started their music career as metal musicians. What is the element that ultimately leads a musician/a fan from metal to electronic sounds? Might there be a connection here?

For me I always listened to electronic music as much as metal. I had started getting burned out being in a band and having to deal with so many personalities creatively. The computer was a way I could create music alone without any influence but my own.

What is the first electronic music act you remember listening to?

Depeche Mode.

And your first favourite band ever?


Six years have passed since Skull was released and the new full-length Valediction is coming in less than a month, your sound has gotten darker through the years and you ended up adding vocals to your tracks, while the original release of Skull is completely instrumental. Did you somehow feel the need to fill your songs or do they just sound better?

I have always been interested in singing I just have never put true effort into it until recently. I personally just started feeling the desire to express myself lyrically and vocally through this project.

Skull 2019 has an amazing artwork, could you tell us more about it? Who’s the artist, why the broken headphones?

The artist is Fortifem an art duo from Paris France, they are stunning artists! The revised artwork for Skull represents the time and evolution since the release of that EP.

GosT’s image is visually interesting, especially when it comes to live shows, and we also know you love John Carpenter. Is it right to assume you got the inspiration for your style from the horror movie world, besides of course Satan?

Most definitely. I have always loved the slasher films from my childhood.

Speaking of horror movies, what drove you to becoming their fan?

Probably just being able to watch them at a very young age. My parents never censored that sort of thing and Halloween sticks with a six year old child.

What horror movie contributed to shaping you into your alter ego Baalberith the most?

A combination of Michael Myers, Jason and Regan [MacNeil].

Now would you mind recommending us a record, a book and a movie? They can be your favourite ones, the latest you listened to/read/watched or simply the first ones that come to your mind.

Transilvanian Hunger, Ender’s Game and The Gate.

What can we expect from your next live dates supporting Mayhem and Gaahls Wyrd? They’re quite a big act both, too, do you feel… frightened? Anxious?

We are bringing our own lights and will be playing a harsh/fast set. Not at all. Super stoked to see these bands crush for a month!

If you had to choose one favourite track from Valediction, what would it be and why? Mine is definitely “She Lives In Red (Devine)”.

“Relentless Passing” for me. Super diverse track with a good overview of what is to follow!.

That would be all, for now. Thank you for being with us and good luck with the tour! We’re sure Valediction will be a success.

Thank you so much!