Discovering Juno Bloodlust's diabolic orchestra


Band: Juno Bloodlust

  • Juno Nitta – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
  • Summum Algor – Drums

Among the many Japanese black metal projects we are discovering thanks to Zero Dimensional Records, Juno Bloodlust is one of the most interesting ones; his debut and only album was released many years ago, but his diabolic orchestra has been working in other bands as well.

Let’s start introducing your project: how did you decide to create Juno Bloodlust?

Juno Bloodlust started as a one-man project in 2008. It was a term when everything in my life didn’t work at all, and I hated everything of the world in loneliness and despair. Because I was in the such a situation, my inner wavelength may matched with the music and philosophy of black metal perfectly. At that time, I really didn’t have anything other than music, but it also means that music was left as a result of removing all unnecessary things from me. Therefore, it can be said that Juno Bloodlust is the manifestation of the purest and fundamental impulse of my inner self.

The first time I listened to your music was in the Oriental Abyss split. As a symphonic black metal fan, I was impressed by the quality of your songs, especially because it was your first release. When did you start to compose your own music?

Thank you. I am a perfectionist, and I never wanted to bring anything of low quality things to our listeners even if it was my first release. I started composing seriously in around 2007, and at that time I was in trial and error almost all day long in front of my PC every day. Since the songs in Oriental Abyss was composed in 2009, I had spent 2 years of my all efforts to improve the quality of my music. Fortunately, I had an absolute pitch by learning the piano when I was little. Even if I don’t use any musical instruments, I can compose in my head which is useful for organizing complex songs.

Some parts of your music remind me of Anorexia Nervosa’s sound, but it’s clear that you know have a good knowledge of the symphonic black metal genre. Which are your favorite bands in this field?

As you say, strongly affected by great symphonic black metal bands such like Anorexia Nervosa, Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and Emperor. Also directly influenced by Dark Lunacy and Eternal Tears Of Sorrow. Recently I like Behemoth, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Septicflesh.

Although Juno Bloodlust is your personal project, at some point you were joined by Italian drummer Summum Algor. How did you get in touch with him?

It was early 2010 I received a message from Summum Algor. At that time I had my songs uploaded on MySpace, and he found it and like it. He asked me a proposal that he can play drums if I need a real drummer. We were exchanging messages each other for a while, and I felt something like fate with my sixth sense. Eventually I went to Italy in the summer of that year just to say hello to him. To me, this behavior was mysterious because I’m basically not a very active person. It’s like I was driven by something big invisible power. Now I’m sure that my intuition was right because he brought many great things in my music which Japanese don’t have.

The Lord Of Obsession, your first album, was released in 2012; it’s been a while and you haven’t released anything else since then. Are you working on a new album?

I’m feeling really sorry for those who are waiting for our next stuffs. After the release of the first album, I was planning to work on the next stuff right away, and I actually composed a couple of songs, but I was getting sick for a while. In the meantime, the story of the formation of ANGUIS DEI happened, so I decided to concentrate on ANGUIS DEI activities for a while. However, it took more time than I expected. Now I have just started working for new materials of Juno Bloodlust.

Even if you haven’t released anything lately with Juno Bloodlust, you have joined Anguis Dei, one of the many emanations of the A.:A.:A.:A.: congregation. Since it’s a very mysterious group of musicians, how do you feel working with them?

For me, they are very mysterious as well and I don’t really know much about them. They seem to have defined doctrines, and the concept and lyrics are faithful to it. I work together because that is simply interesting to me as the expression of art. However I am not a member of A.:A.:A.:A.:.

Aside from your projects, in 2010 you also contributed to Borgne’s Entraves De L’Âme album. At that time, you were just making your first steps into the metal scene, while Borgne was already a well established project at their fifth album. How did this collaboration happen?

Around 2010, some good people have already noticed and evaluated my music. I had built good relationship with them on SNS. Borgen is one of them and he asked me to play guitar solo and synth.

Let’s talk a bit about the Japanese black metal scene: despite not being really well known, there are a lot interesting artists out there. Which are some Japanese bands that you would recommend to our readers?

In fact, there are many interesting bands here in Japan. Recently a great compilation album called The Far East Black Metal has released from Zero Dimensional Records which is a good start to the journey of Japanese black metal scene. This is totally free and Juno Bloodlust also participated one song. I recommend it.

Running your project alone with a drummer in Italy, it’s probably hard for you to think about making live shows. If you had the chance, would you be interested in bringing your music on stage, maybe with some session musicians?

This is a question that many people ask, but for the moment I’m thinking it’s difficult to achieve for various reasons. Though it doesn’t mean we’re not interested in bringing our music to the stage.

And perhaps Anguis Dei is more likely to do it though still I can’t tell you certain things for now.

Last question: aside from black metal, what kind of music do you enjoy?

I enjoy many kind of music genre. Especially rock, metal, and classical music. Sometimes soundtracks of movies and video games. Another thing I like is listening to CD with natural sounds only. Such like sound of the sea waves, stream of the river for instance. Nature is the most beautiful music. Sometimes I record it myself, for example, the sound of rain and thunder which I used on our first album were recorded by myself.

Thank you very much for this interview. If you want to leave a message for our readers, you can do it here.

Thank you for reading so far with interest. Soon, the first album of Anguis Dei will be released, which is created by the strongest members I can imagine as possible. Since I composed all songs, I’m sure you will like it. Plus, we have a great guest musician who will make everyone be surprised. And as I mentioned earlier, Juno Bloodlust is now working on the new stuffs seriously. See you soon and keep your black flame burning!