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NÚMENOR (2016)

Band: Númenor
Translation: Vlakorados
Line Up:

  • Despot Marko Miranović – Vocals
  • Srđan "Sirius" Branković – Guitars and Bass
  • Vladimir Djedović – Keyboards
  • Bálint Kemény – Guitars
  • S. Winterfell – Bass

Two years after our first interview, Aristocrazia welcomes Númenor's leader Despot Marko Miranovic again to take stock of the situation.

Welcome back on our website Marko, how are you and how has this 2016 started?

Despot Marko Miranovic: Thanks for asking, I am feeling fine. New Year has started indeed spectacularly. During January we have recorded and released cover from Blind Guardian's "Valhalla". This one turned out to be indeed great! The band has become quite known with this song.

Thanks to your kindness, I had the chance to write about you second album "Sword And Sorcery". Your sound seems to have turned towards power metal, why did you choose to take a distance from the black genre?

We didn't make any distance, we have just putted more power metal influences and traditional heavy metal as well (depends from song to song).  At the day it seems that the album turned out to be quite chaotic (in the process of making) but the response is indeed high. I doubt that we will ever record an album in such a way, so "Sword And Sorcery" will become quite unique in our discography I am quite a sure.

More epic, airy, and in some parts similar to Rhapsody, how did you write the songs of the album? Did something change in your songwriting process?

Yes, some songs have this clear links to ''good-old'' Rhapsody. This change in the song writing has appeared just suddenly, so to say out of nowhere… since we have made the change in the lineup (our keyboard player Vladimir has left the band since he has faced some other moments in his life and career).

About lyrics, the sources of inspiration are more or less the same of "Colossal Darkness", am I right?

Yes, you are right. Still I'm focused on various fantasy topics coming from Moorcock's or Tolkien's novels. And I don't think that it will never changed. The embryonic idea is to have band based on core fantasy novels. We will see still how I will face the lyrical journey on our third record. It could turned to be indeed unique work.

When we talk about fantasy topics linked to metal, many people complain about it being too much "cartoonish", childish, parody etc… how do you answer to this kind of criticism?

Well, nowadays you have various bands that are dealing with such a topics, and mark my words, even I dislike most of them. I remember still times when fantasy metal was something different. But, when it comes to core fantasy bands like Blind Guardian, Summoning or Bal-Sagoth I think that they are dealing with the topics in their own, much original manner. So, yes some band are or have become parody, while the originators stayed closer to their origins (just read some of Blind Guardian lyrics from 90s and you will surly find the correct answer).

Let's digress a little to talk about Rhapsody, the two bands that use this name: did you listen to their latest works? What do you think about them?

I have just visited Luca Turilli's Rhapsody on tour and it was really marvelous. Of course, the nest moments are when he is playing some old material from both Luca Turilli and Rhapsody's discography. But, also I like a lot Rhapsody of Fire brand new record. I guess it never will be like before but there's a quality within its obvious. It seems that Rhapsody of Fire have this more epic like style while Luca has once more taken the journey towards some other musical horizons.

Let's go back to your passion for fantasy, may I ask you if you like Japanese animation? Did you watch any series or movie of this field? Personally I can mention works such as "Berserk", "Claymore" and "Attack On Titan". 

Actually, I am quite old-fashioned when it comes to movies and cartoons so I do not like those cartoons that you have mentioned. Furthermore, I never liked so much most of fantasy movies since most of them are crap. I am more into TV series (like "X Files") and I am a huge fan of some old fashioned gothic horror films like "Fearless Vampire Killers" (1967, Polanski), "Hammer Production Vampire" series with Christopher Lee, both versions of "Nosferatu" and so on…

Back to the music now. When we made the first interview Númenor never played live, did the situation change? Did you have the chance to bring "Sword And Sorcery" on stage?

Númenor has stayed studio project thus far, but it seems that the things are now changing quite fast, since the band has become more known so to say, so yes there are some offers here and there but still we are waiting for the right one. I guess that it will be a show at one of the festivals in Europe.

Are you already working on your third album? What should we expect from the near future of Númenor?

Yes, we are already working on our third release. The working title is ''Chronicles Of The Realms Beyond''. Since we have, for the first time real drummer, we are now focusing more on the production. Cover of "Valhalla" is the best example how the production direction should sound. This song will be also a part of the forthcoming record. Expect the most completed epic journey ever from Númenor!

Our chat ends here, thank you again Marko for your availability. I leave the last word to you to close the interview…

Thanks so much for the support, I hope that you have enjoyed in Numenor's two full-lengths thus far. The third album should be the most completed record thus far!