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Band: Rome In Monochrome

  • Gianluca Lucarini
  • Valerio Granieri
  • Marco Paparella
  • Alessio Reggi
  • Riccardo Ponzi
  • Flavio Castagnoli

We are glad to welcome Gianluca Lucarini (guitarist at Rome In Monochrome) to join us at Aristocrazia Webzine for a few questions about their debut EP "Karma Anubis", and of course about other issues as well.

Good afternoon Gianluca, on behalf of our staff and readers.

Gianluca: Good afternoon to you LordPist, and to all of Aristocrazia Webzine readers.

Let's start from perhaps the most obvious question: how and why one goes from something like Degenerhate to something like Rome In Monochrome? Who/what has convinced you?

I had initially started Rome In Monochrome as a solo project in order to explore new musical territories, far from Degenerhate's grindcore. I had been writing dark and introspective melodic doom songs for a few years at that point, and the natural consequence of this was to found Rome In Monochrome. It began as an intimate one-man band, there are currently six people in the line-up.

What is your artistic relationship with the evolution that many bands in the dark scene from the mid/late Nineties have gradually experienced while entering the current millennium? I am mainly referring to the projects that seem to have influenced your style in the EP "Karma Anubis" (such as Katatonia).

I believe that evolution is fundamental, otherwise mankind would have already been extinct, therefore I appreciate and support the passage you have mentioned. Also, speaking of Katatonia, I have loved their latest work.

Conceptually speaking, is Rome In Monochrome an act specifically inspired by the image of Rome?

I wouldn't say so, meaning that in our imagery there is no explicit reference to Rome specifically. Then again, of course it is our city and a never-ending source of inspiration anyway.

Over the past few years, from the outside, I have noticed an interesting growth in terms of both quantity and quality of live events connected to what we like to call "ugly music" (that is, our music) in and around Rome. How would you explain this trend, that has finally been involving places different from the usual Milan and Bologna?

Rome has always been a place thriving with talent, as I have been active in the local scene for more than twenty years and I can guarantee there have been and still are top quality bands around here. Some of them were just around for a short while, others have disappeared, but the scene is as lively as ever. I believe we are still lacking cooperation among different bands, that sometimes prefer hating on each other instead. This is something we should get rid of in the whole underground scene I believe, as it is actually weakening the environment instead of making it better.

Speaking of which, I have seen that you are playing in Rome on December 22, are you planning an Italian (and not only) tour in 2017?

Yes, we are planning an Italian tour for next year, where we will promote our first full-length album "Away From Light" (probably coming out in March). We already have several shows confirmed around in Italy, and a Russian tour as well, but we are always looking for new places to play at, so if there is any promoter or agency who's interested in working with us, feel free to contact us.

Let's talk about your upcoming first album: after having tasted three different musical styles in "Karma Anubis", what should we expect in your first actual full-length release?

"Away From Light" will include eight songs, and I can tell you that this will be quite a diverse album as well. There you will find doom metal, acoustic songs, violins, prog influences, and lots of metal guitars, everything connected by a red thread. On November 12 we also played songs from "Away From Light" and people loved it, so we are expecting more than positive feedback for this coming up release.

Are there any guitarists you draw inspiration from, when it comes to writing riffs and melodies for Rome In Monochrome?

Nessuno in particolare a dirti la verità, anche se, quando si parla di “linee melodiche” di chitarra, il mio guru assoluto è Johnny Marr degli Smiths.

Apart from the usual "big guns" (and of course from yourselves), would you recommend any emerging Italian bands to follow?

There are two bands that have really made an impression upon me and that I would gladly recommend: Falaise and Scent Of Silence. You will not be disappointed, trust me.

Thank you again for your time Gianluca, after having enjoyed "Karma Anubis" we will surely be waiting from more news on your part about your future plans. Would you like to say something to our readers?

Thank you and Aristocrazia Webzine for this opportunity. I salute all of the readers that follow us and those who will follow us in the future. If you want to be up to date regarding Rome In Monochrome's activities, feel free to follow our Facebook page. Thank you all. Join the cult of the absence of color.