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Band: Scuorn
Line Up:

  • Giulian – All instruments

Right after his performance at the Cult Of Parthenope Black Metal Fest, which took place on the evening of the last 12th of November, I've had the chance to have a little talk with Giulian, one of the organisers of the Fest, member of the English band NahemiA and mastermind of the project Scuorn.

Hi Giulian and welcome on the pages of Aristocrazia Webzine! Once again, you did a very good job before, really mighty! So, tell us: where and when was born the project Scuorn? What is its — both musical and cultural — background?

Giulian: The project Scuorn was born in 2008 from an idea of mine and of the other co-founder, aiming to create a Black Metal band related to Neapolitan music, so traditional Neapolitan folk music. We wanted to make up a band capable of adding value this culture instead of copying other traditions that weren't ours, also because this very culture has always had a lot to influence and keeps on having it, bearing a huge background needless to be introduced. From 2014 the project turned into a one-man-band, acting as more professional whilst earlier it was kind of lo-fi, more underground.

Okay, got it. As I'm having the chance to talk directly to you, I'd like to ask you some more biographical details: what are your main influences?

Well, on a musical point of view, Symphonic Black Metal, for example Dimmu Borgir; specifically for the project, Inchiuvatu's Symphonic Black, due to the fact that it's been the first band to create something like that in Italy, but also Negura Bunget.

Tell us, we're curious: when did a gentleman like you meet Satan's music? What has been your path into the Metal panorama and what are/have been your favourite bands?

I've started my way into Metal starting with Metallica to arrive, step by step, to the Extreme. I've found my fulfilment into Black Metal, also because within that I can choose between different subgenres: it definitely satisfies me.

We know that you're planning to release the first Scuorn album next year: can you give some more news about it to our dear readers? We're really curious! For example: how did you choose the album's guests?

Yes, Scuorn's debut album is called "Parthenope" and is going to be release at the beginning of 2017 through Dusktone (Opera IX, Svartelder, Enisum). It is a concept album about the Greek and Roman origins of the city of Naples. Every single track is built upon a specific legend of that time, as for example the first two singles released over the last months, "Fra Ciel' E Terr'" and "Virgilio Mago". What about the guests: Riccardo Studer provided the orchestrations, whilst Daniele “Ogre” Cristiano (NoFuck), Marco “Wolf” Lauro (Gort, Mors Spei, Vita Odiosa, Terrorfront), Tina Gagliotta (Poemisia), Diego Laino (ADE, Symbolyc) and Libero Verardi (Disturbia) did some awesome singing over some tracks, playing the role of certain characters within the concept and, in my opinion, this really is the icing on the cake of this album! Choosing them hasn't been that difficult: they just are the best people around, and they proved it to be true accepting to be there and singing superlatively, and I can do nothing but thank them from the bottom of my heart, for they created something really beautiful with their amazing talent.

And what about Scuorn's live formation: did you choose its members mostly beacuse they are friends of yours or were their technical skills more important?

Both of them for sure. I've been aware of their technical skills since I've seen them playing with their respective bands; it was also necessary to have the time and to have the right attitude to both genre and project in order to find that chemistry allowing us to enjoy ourselves. Luckily we did find the right mix between these aspects.

At the "Cult Of Parthenope Black Metal Fest" the one with Scuorn wasn't the only performance for you, as you're also a member of NahemiA, isn't it? I must admit that, due to some obscure acoustic issue, I couldn't appreciate your performance, but I'm definitely curious! What can you tell me about this project: what's its story and what plans do you have for the future?

I've joined NahemiA in 2015 after taking part as special guest to both composing and recording its first demo "Anti-Human", came out last October through Mjolnir Records, in which I've provided backing vocals, played guitar, bass and synths and dealt with arrangements, mixing and mastering. Today's performance has been our live debut and we had to deal with some formation issues: our new singer, Rimmon, couldn't be there due to timing problems related to the release of a visa for him to reach Italy, and our lead guitarist Owen joined the live formation only 4 days before the fest and with only one rehearsal with the band on his back. Nonetheless his performance, as much as the other guys', has been really good despite the few time we've had. I've been singing and playing bass, whilst I usually play guitar and compose, and I have to say that doing it for the first time in front of my homeland's audience has been unique and extraordinary. As for future projects, we're working on our debut album which will be released in 2017 and preparing some shows that will take place in London, supporting band like Witchmaster (Behemoth's Inferno side project), Graveland and Asphyx (this very one will take place at the legendary The Underworld in Camden).

Going back to the Fest, we know that you've been one of the organisers and promoters of this magnificent event, called "Cult Of Parthenope": where did the idea of making up such an event like this here in Naples come from? And what do you think about Neapolitan Metal panorama?

Well, we thought to make such an even here in Naples in order to create an unique event that, once at year, could unite every metalhead living here, always trying to keep it as much exclusive as possible. This time we've managed to take here Negura Bunget for the first time ever in Naples, to allow the live debut of both Scuorn and Mors Spei and to give to NahemiA and Ossific the chance to play here for their first time, too. As for the Metal panorama in Naples, I think that created the right occasion, metalheads respond quite positively: there's definitely breeding ground, here just lacks that uniqueness in creating and planning events.

One last question and then I'll let you go, I promise! I got really curious: your project Scuorn is deeply linked to Neapolitan folklore, to that thin borderline between faith and myth, history and legend, Paganism and Christianity: what's your point of view about religion?

My point of view about religion is quite external, meaning that I've tried not to get involved into it — no more than what's needed: I aim to tell what happened in Naples' history, so when anything related to religion — as San Gennaro's decapitation, the cult of Blood and so on — took place, I've told it as much impersonally as I could. In the future, maybe, I'd be even telling something about religious zealotry, but even then I won't be giving my own point of view about religion.

Once again, thank you for your bottomless availability and your friendliness, Giulian, it's truly been a pleasure for me to have this chat with you!

Thank you, too!