Band: Windbruch
Translation:  Fedaykin
Line Up:

  • Rodion – All Instruments and Vocals

It's been a real pleasure to hear from the Russian one-man-band Windbruch again, after a while since his previous release, and now it's time to get to know better the man behind the monicker

Hi Rodion, welcome on our webzine. How are things going?

Rodion: Hi! Thanks! All good.

I'll just get to the point and talk about your new album. "No Stars, Only Full Dark" is, emotionally, a very solid product; you have been able to shape a uniform stream of melancholy, going beyond the boundaries of the song-by-song structure and crossing many genres. What did you have in mind when you first started writing the new tracks? What were your objectives?

When I started writing new tracks I just wanted to create a good atmospheric music. No more, no less. I aimed for it in previous albums and will aim for it in the next.

Listening to the album you can clearly hear patterns and elements from very different musical genres, such as black metal, post rock, ambient, death-doom; how would you describe your music to someone who doesn't know you? Is it important, in your opinion, to stick to a musical genre or scene?

I would describe my music as atmospheric and beautiful soundtrack for long winter nights. But it's better to listen it once than read hundred times [smiles]. I think there are no reasons to stick a musical genre or scene such as there are no reasons not to stick a musical genre or scene. You should do what best for you.

How do you create your music? Who or what inspire you when you write your songs?

There is nothing special. When I have the appropriate mood I just pick up the guitar in my hands and begin to play. Melodies turn into music. All Windbruch's songs are written by this way.

The booklet of your album explains in detail the message behind your music; we shall prevent mankind from destroying this world, or our future is going to be very dark. What are the worst ways mankind inflicts damage on Mother Nature, in your opinion? What are we waiting for to change the course of our actions?

All ways inflicts damage on Earth in varying degrees. No time to wait for changing. Changes begin from itself. Throwing the garbage inside the cart is first step to change the situation.

According to most of the artists who create one-man-bands, one of the best advantages of this formula is the complete freedom one has in writing and managing the music itself. Don't you ever feel the need of someone else's opinion or advice on your ideas?

It's pretty hard sometimes to write and record the music itself. It takes much time and effort. But I don't ever feel the need of someone's advice I've felt the need of the second guitarist [smiles].

Let's take a step back; what can you tell us about the creation of your project, Windbruch? When and how was it born?

I founded Windbruch in the beginning of 2009. The debut full-length titled "Collision Of The Worlds" was recorded in winter 2009 and was released in the end of the same year. The second album "No Stars, Only Full Dark" which I'd worked on almost four years is the last Windbruch's album today.

I'd like to take our discussion on a larger level now, and ask for your opinion on the Russian metal scene; what do you think about it? What are the most interesting bands? Would you suggest any to our readers?

There are many interesting bands in Russia. I like bands such as All The Cold, Reka, Stielas Storhett, Swale and many others. They create a really hypnotizing atmosphere that gives me goosebumps.

On the other hand, do you know and appreciate any Italian bands?

Yes. I know Forgotten Tomb, Graveworm and Opera IX. They are great too.

Are you working on anything new yet? What's to expect from Windbruch's nearest future?

I am planning to record at least one full-length album within a couple of years. The sound is going to be something new, previously unheard.

I'd like to thank you for creating and sharing your good music. I'll give you the chance of saying anything you want to our readers, as a conclusion of our interview.

Thank you too. I wish everyone good luck. Be yourself and you can be anything.

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