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Band: Wrath From Above
Line Up:

  • Antar – guitars, programming
  • DM – vocals

Wrath From Above made their debut in February, and a very violent one. We had a chat with these two not-so-Russian French extreme metallers.

Welcome to Aristocrazia Webzine. How are things going?

Not so well since the fall of URSS in 1991. But we'll have a blast to remedy. Thanks for the interview anyway.

Let's start by introducing yourselves and your band to our readers. Over to you.

As members of the secret communist forces, we'll answer as one. Actually we are involved in several musical projects and Wrath From Above is a brutal and cold one. It all began when Antar came up with some Black Metal riffs and said «hey, I listened to Marduk and Infernal War a whole week and I'm up to create my own album, who wants to put vocals over this?» and after a few weeks, "Beyond Ruthless Cold" was completely written. It began as a test and ended up on Apathia Records. And to define the way it sounds, well, it is a relentless blasting and catchy Black Metal album who doesn't want to bring anything new, just raging fury and dark cold brutality.

"Beyond Ruthless Cold" is your debut album, a work made of a particularly violent form of Extreme Metal. Why did you choose to make something so aggressive and furious?

Because we like it. We mostly listen to Brutal Death Metal, and we think this influence can be heard in most of the songs (especially "Prevail"). We created this band only to bring violence to this world. Take it as an homage to "Panzer Divison Marduk" and "Terrorfront". Blast beats worship.

Acts such as Marduk and Anaal Nathrakh are often mentioned as your influences; which are the bands that you consider important as your sources of inspiration?

Marduk and Anaal Nathrakh are main influences. Another huge one may be Infernal War (the riff coming with the solo in "Storm the Sky" is even a homage to their track "Crushing Impure Idolatry"), for some others you can check bands like Negator, Black Dawn, 1349 or Antaeus.

War is a quite common theme in Extreme Metal, but from what I read your album has a slightly different concept involving even Satan himself: would you tell us more about it?

The lyrics are classified, telling the truth about some secrets involving demonic invocations and coalitions during WWII. We do not want the masses to know about it.

As I said in the review, Russia isn't a totally unknown land in this kind of music, as some bands already showed their passion for this country. What are your thoughts on it and why does it arouse your interest?

Well, why not? The concept came after the album was completely written. We wanted to blast and talk about war, and a sovietic point of view was perfect for bringing another atmosphere, something more cold, like panzers in a blizzard. It isn't about Russia, it is more about a battlefield in the thundra. Feeling the cold behind the flames.

When I received your album, I was immediately impressed by the cover art, which was made by Maxime Marie and really fits the sound. How did you decide to work with this artist?

It is a long time friend of ours who is studying art and plans to work in comics. I think he'll be really happy to see your words. If anyone want some painted cover by him, just ask us and we'll give you his contact !

Apathia Records supports many interesting bands from France; how do you see the music scene of your country?

Apathia Records are amazing guys and their roster is really eclectic. Many bands signed there are incredible, check out Pryapisme, Weeping Birth, Wormfood, öOoOoOoOoOo or Perihelion. In France, the Metal scene is really active and we've got a shitload of awesome bands (especially in Black Metal and Avantgarde). But we really lack support and audience.

Being a duo, it's quite difficult to bring your music on stage, unless you find some other members or sessions; would you be interested in making live shows in the future?

The problem is the drummer, but we already have things going on and yeah, future live shows are planned. We just need the good drummer and a lot of work, but first we have albums to release.

Do you play in other bands besides Wrath From Above?

A lot. We both made a Bass Goregrind album which was released last October under the name Gastropode. Besides this, we had a lot of old projects, and a lot to be released soon (some Darkthrone-vibed Black'n'Roll that will come earlier than expected). DM also sing in Helioss (Symphonic Black-Death who recentle released an album through Apathia Records), Dirtyprotest (Old School Death Metal from Egypt) and Paupiettes (Humoristic Metal).

Are you already working on new material? If so, will you keep it as violent as in your debut album?

We are working. We have some albums for other bands to be released before, but the second Wrath From Above will be more technical and personal than the first one, which was really spontaneous. And yeah we'll keep it as violent as before, if we were going to slow down, we'd do it under another name.

Thanks for the time you spent with us; if you want, you can say anything you want to our readers.

Thanks to you for the questions. Support your local NKVD. Keep the scene alive.