Enjoying an electric evening with Antimatter in Rome

AN ELECTRIC EVENING OF ANTIMATTER (27/03/2019 @ Wishlist Club, Rome)

Event: An Electric Evening Of Antimatter
Date: 27/03/2019
Location: Wishlist Club, Rome

  • En Declin
  • Antimatter

As far as I can remember, whenever Antimatter called Aristocrazia Webzine replied. For our staff, the latest meeting with Mick Moss and his band was right here in Rome back in 2017, as for myself we should move to the previous year, at the time of their stop in Bologna during the tour for The Judas Table. In the meantime, the British project released the long-awaited Black Market Enlightenment and, of course, they could not miss this chance to come back to Italy on tour. This was my second live show covered for Aristocrazia in less than a month, which is something that had not happened for quite some time.

Mick Moss’ Roman stop (thanks to Dark Veil Productions) was also the chance for us to have a nice chat about the record and other topics, before the show opened with the performance by the local act En Declin.

En Declin

I must admit I have only discovered this trio on my road to the show, prior to realizing that they had actually been around the crowded Italian dark and melodic scene for more than twenty years, broadly inspired by Anathema and similar acts. Actually, the band had sort of disappeared after the release of Domino/Consequence back in 2009, up until the decision to get back on track around the end of 2018, with the release of an interesting cover of “Another Day In Paradise” by Phil Collins. The three musicians did a good job at setting the tone for the numerous audience, and creating the right atmosphere leading to the performance of the British band, by playing a nice selection of songs (including the aforementioned cover). It’s great to see them back in action, after they seemed to be entangled in a neverending search for new members and struggling with other issues; at this point we will be waiting for their next album, ten years after their latest effort.


It was then the time to enjoy what Mick Moss and the others had in store for us, starting from “The Third Arm”, with which the author tried to exorcize an extremely complicated period of his own past. As rightly defined by the title of the show, Antimatter mainly chose songs from their latest three albums, particularly stressing the more electric ones such as “Stillborn Empires” or “Paranova”. The set also featured a heartfelt moment in which Moss and the audience sang together the chorus from “Another Brick In The Wall”, thus completing the following homage to Pink Floyd in the cover “Welcome To The Machine”, which has become a stable hit in Antimatter‘s setlists over the past few years.

Naturally, the show couldn’t miss an incursion into the legendary Leaving Eden, featuring spectacular renditions of “Redemption” and the title-track, before moving back to the latest record with the heavy blows of “Between The Atoms”. The quartet was then called back on stage for one last song, “Sanctification”; yet another song taken from Black Market Enlightenment, which once again proved to be a diverse and successful record, another sign that Moss’ creativity is anything but exhausted.

In short, Antimatter again hit the jackpot. Who knows if, after this tiring but positive experiment of self-releasing an album (Music In Stone is Mick Moss’ own label), they will go back to working with a label or decide to keep walking on this path. What’s sure is that Aristocrazia will be there.