Just a regular Monday evening in Bologna with Antimatter

ANTIMATTER – The Judas Tour (26/09/2016 @ Freakout Club, Bologna)

Event: The Judas Tour 2016
Date: 26/09/2016
Location: Freakout Club, Bologna, Italy

  • Antimatter

We all have our ideal (or actual) list of musicians we plan to see live sooner or later, and — despite our continuing efforts in attending live shows — this list keeps on getting longer and rarely gives us any rest. The British project Antimatter clearly occupied one of the top spots in mine.

Antimatter & Kirayel

As we were saying, just like the more attentive among you already know, Antimatter was one of the main names in my imaginary list, also because I had managed to miss their Italian shows more than once over the last few years since I was living in China (this situation was fortunately mitigated by the very pleasant Mick Moss solo acoustic show in Prato of a while ago). A series of fortunate events, among which the band’s connecting flight through Bologna on the way back to Manchester, finally allowed me to make up in an unlikely early Autumn Monday evening at the Freakout Club of Bologna.

Let’s start by saying that there wasn’t exactly a huge crowd to welcome the band (performing as a trio on this occasion), of course also because of it being Monday. However, this made the show something more similar to an evening with friends. No opening band, things get started straight away with “Killer” from the latest album The Judas Table. As anticipated by Moss himself in a quick chat before the show, this setlist will focus on the more recent works of the band, characterized by a somewhat more rock and live show-oriented approach.

After a couple of sound adjustments, the show goes on with the pounding “Paranova” (one of the best tracks off Fear Of A Unique Identity), and here the crowd begins joining in the atmosphere more actively. After an intense rendition of “Black Eyed Man”, we travel back in time all the way to the 2001 debut Saviour with “The Last Laugh”, this song was made even more interesting by the duet with the Modena based singer Kirayel, who also went on to sing the spectacular “Monochrome” with Moss right after.

Antimatter By now, the ice was more than broken, and the second half of the show included pretty much everything, including absolute masterpieces such as “Redemption” and “Leaving Eden”, as the audience sang along to the most significant verses. Antimatter closed out the main body of their performance with their cover of “Welcome To The Machine” (recently released as a single).

Then we had a quick laugh with Moss that wanted to concede an encore without the usual “let’s leave the stage and wait for the audience to cheer on us” (also in order to get to the airport earlier), so the trio played “Stillborn Empires” and its almost metallic ending leading to a heartfelt applause by all of us.

This unusual, demanding, but great Monday finished just like that, as I had to get back to my room myself (with a train back to my office in Florence on the following day). Needless to say, here at Aristocrazia Webzine there is great interest surrounding whatever Moss is working on for the next Antimatter release.