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BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2015 (05/06/2015 @ Estragon, Bologna, Italy)

Event: Babymetal World Tour 2015
Date: 05/06/2015
Location: Estragon, Bologna, Italia

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About one year ago Istrice talked on this website about the Babymetal phenomenon and their concert in London; 2015 has been a luckier year for Italians, as these three young girls managed to come for the first time in our country, precisely in Bologna. Obviously, this is an event that your beloved Vlakorados could not miss.

I'll start from the beginning, that is ten in the morning, when I and my friend — which I want to thank for giving me some good pics — arrived at the Estragon and we noticed immediately that we were in the right place thanks to a car with the band logo airbrushed on the doors and two skulls (which recall Babybones) on the bonnet. A little further on, more precisely in front of the entrance, we began to notice the first Babymetalheads: it was immediately possible to realize that the audience would have been multicolored: Italians (obviously), Spanish, French and Japanese, and among them all there were fans, metalheads and normal people. Someone gave us a number — which unfortunately would be useless — and we realized that we were the tenth and the eleventh with a standard ticket. Not bad.

The following eight hours of waiting can be summarized with an incredible suffering due to the heat, but I have to say that water became a vital asset only in order to not die before the concert; the atmosphere was generally pleasant and relaxed, in spite of everything. Things started to get hotter — and I'm not talking about the temperature — in the early afternoon, when we started to hear the band rehearsing and at a certain point, in a completely unexpected way, Su-Metal's voice breaks gently putting a stop to the feeling of apathy that was starting to possess us. Then there have been attempts to peek through the cracks — successful, but blocked quite soon — and other little expedients to pass the time, until the doors opened for the ones who got a VIP ticket; but even the ones that still had to wait knew that they were almost there. The people lining up were really many by that time and we could notice that their age ranged from the four or five years of a little Asian girl dressed in Babymetal style to the only apparently weak Japanese guys around their fifties.

BABYMETALAll this prelude had only one purpose: I wanted to make you feel the almost insane devotion that Japanese idols can create in their followers; we spent a whole day dying for the heat, but I can't deny that I would do it again for these three metal girls. Because the waiting and the strong passion emphasized the emotions of the hardcore fans, so let's get into the fulfillment of so much dedication: the concert. We noticed immediately that the temperature was not really better inside the Estragon, but we didn't care really much about it anymore. In some way we managed to get a place in the first rows to spend another hour, luckily the last one, waiting drowning in everyone's sweat and playing with flying balloons.

BABYMETALFinally, at eight in the evening, we reached the key moment of the day: "Babymetal Death"'s intro transferred us into another dimension. Kami Band — the musicians supporting the three girls — came in soon after and was warmly welcomed, but the real roar of the audience arrived when Suzuka, Yui and Moa came on the stage in their splendor and through this song introduced themselves in their usual way: «Su-Metal death! Yui-Metal death! Moa-Metal death! Babymetal death!».


BABYMETALThe spectators participated actively (as much as they could) to make the concert entertaining from the beginning, though the true protagonists were obviously on the stage; as the first song was like an appetizer, the main dishes came soon with "Megitsune", one of their most appreciated songs with its oriental melodies. The following "Catch Me If You Can" gave us the chance to judge Kami Band's skills thanks to the instrumental intro: the four guys showed that they are great musicians and entertainers, but a special mention goes to the awesome bassist Boh and his bald head with an Italian flag painted on the back. "Doki Doki Morning", their first song, closedthe first part of the concert on happy and carefree notes.

BABYMETAL"Mischiefs Of The Metal Gods" is a short instrumental piece that confirmed the skills of the four Kamis and led to a series of songs in which Su-Metal and Black Babymetal — sub-group composed of the remaining two girls — alternated on the stage, allowing them to have more breaks over more time. It started with "Akumu No Rondo" which left everyone speechless with its dark aura and the great interpretation of the singer, and continued with something completely different like "4 No Uta", which managed even to make a guy from the security staff smile. "Akatsuki" brought us back on a more serious note an the audience appreciated again Suzuka's voice and highly moving performance; the alternated series finished with "Onedari Daisakusen", where we could admire Yui and Moa posing as they came out from a Nu Metal band of the late Nineties.

BABYMETALWe are almost at the final acts and a video screened in a direction which was too far from the stage — the mass of people in the first rows made any movement hard, not to mention turning myself — led us to one of the most recent songs Babymetal songs: "Road Of Resistance". Honestly I never appreciated it really much, probably for the heavy influence of a band that collaborated to it and that I don't usually listen to, but I can't deny that in the concert it worked really well. And finally it's time for "Gimme Chocolate!", whose video is reaching thirthy millions views on YouTube; before the end, the three girls involved the spectators prompting them to sing the chorus, before leaving the stage with their famous «See you!».


BABYMETALBut it was not over yet, because after a little break our heroins came back stronger than ever for the encore, for our happiness. Not surprisingly, "Headbanger!" made the audience headbang violently — not that everyone was calm before that anyway — while "Ijime, Dame, Zettai" reminded us that they are against bullying, pleased us with the classic battle between Yui and Moa during the solo and closed the show, this time for real. There was time only for one last greeting and to our surprise they left the stage saying «A presto!»; it's not really important that their pronunciation made it sound strange, it was totally kawaii.

BABYMETALThe concert has been a success with no doubts and besides the obvious merits of the music there were other details which contribute positively. Being professional idols, the stage presence is an element that deserves all the attention it got; the three undisputed protagonists were always smiling, charismatic and soulful with their attitudes, while the purely Metal parts offered by the four Kamis showed that they are great musicians which can also entertain the audience, sometimes becoming the protagonists themselves even during the songs (like in the solo of "Akatsuki"). A little downside was the acoustics, which sometimes penalized vocals and a few times even the guitars, but all in all the event was so much thrilling that this little flaw didn't affect its greatness really much. On the other hand, the audience deserves an applause, being completely dedicated to the group and doing anything they could to make the concert more enjoyable even for the ones who were its main actors; I mean, some of them may have looked strange or crazy, but still better than many things I read about certain self-proclaimed metalheads. I only want to apologize to the guy before me, thinking about how many times I have been pushed on him I could have got him pregnant; but luckily there were no exaggerations.

BABYMETALSo Babymetal managed to exceed my expectations. Having watched many videos before the concert, I got an idea of what I would have seen, but no DVD or streaming website could get me ready to the incredible emotions and enthusiasm created by this Japanese girls and their coworkers. it's even hard to think of it as a simple Metal concert, not because I want to consider them as something superior to this genre, but because the choreographies and the whole setting is more part of the idol world. Anyway I can assure you that many metalheads had fun in those crazy ninety minutes; ninety minutes that due to their intensity have flown too fast and that I hope to experience again soon.