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CORDE OBLIQUE IN CONCERTO (08/04/2017 @ Caos Teatro, Villaricca)

Event: Corde Oblique In Concerto
Date: 08/04/2017
Location: Caos Teatro, Villaricca, Napoli

  • Corde Oblique


Since last October 8, when I had the chance to see Caos Teatro's first event, I've waited so much for this day to come and, finally, it did! As I got in Villaricca, the waiting room of this newborn Neapolitan place was already filled with a certain number of people waiting for the magic to start, meaning that such a chaotic and revolutionary idea, since the theatre's creation, has spread and made its way into people's hearts. And the more people kept coming, the more I felt happy: such number of people coming to an event like this, so avantgarde-ish and out of the schemes, is a small but nevertheless important step forward, being the theatre located in Naples' periphery.

Corde Oblique

The theatre's staff led us to the main room and let us take our seats almost at 9:15, while the stage was already prepared for welcoming the band. In a few minutes, the staff came back, hopped onto the stage and spent a couple of words in order to introduce this thirteenth event of the theatre's program and then, without further hesitation, Corde Oblique came on stage.

It's been with an incredible "Venti Di Sale", from their album "The Stones Of Naples", that the maestros of the band musically introduced themselves; then it came a fantastic cover of "Flying" by Anathema, a name quite important to the band, and after that a meditative "Amara Terra Mia", originally sung by Domenico Modugno, played as a solo performance by the amazing singer Annalisa Madonna.

Corde Oblique's moving, deep and dreamy performance kept going with a progression of songs coming from their two latest albums, "Per Le Strade Ripetute" and "I Maestri Del Colore"; and here they came, "Papavero E Memoria", "Averno" and "My Pure Amethyst" — I literally have goose bumps every single time I listen to this one. A brief (but damn intense) solo was then played by Edo Notarloberti (Ashram): it unusually started by covering the utmost famous "Sweet Child O' Mine" lead theme and then it got to a vividly Romantic level, streaming of passion and technique.

The sweet voice of the singer announced the end of the band's performance after the following song and it got me quite unexpectedly, hence the bittersweetness I tasted in "Flower Bud". A never-ending explosion of applauses fortunately called back on stage the band, which delighted us (alas, for the very last time, that night) with a last song, a cover of Sepultura's "Kaiowas", performed as an almost completely instrumental, in which the rocking drummer Alessio Sica had even got some little space to fill with some sort of solos, as if it was some kind of jam session in which the voice joined here and there as another, strong-willed instrument.

Good vibes came out that evening spent in company of such a peculiar band's music, very good vibes indeed. Additionally beautiful it's been seeing amongst the ones who came to the theatre Luigi Rubino as well, who is a part of Ashram together with Notarloberti and has been both studio and live guest of the band. Right after I thanked Caos Teatro's staff for giving us the chance to appreciate Corde Oblique's music live, I've had a great time chatting with Riccardo Prencipe, the kindest mastermind of the project, but this is another story…