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DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE + Plaguebreather + VVORSE (11/02/2017 @ Lucky Monkeys, Lappeenranta)

Event: Demonic Death Judge + Plaguebreather + VVORSE
Date: 12/02/2017
Location: Lucky Monkeys, Lappeenranta
Translation: Oneiros

  • Plaguebreather
  • Demonic Death Judge


A couple of weeks ago I was in Lappeenranta due to personal reasons and — what a coincidence — on that very Saturday, Lucky Monkeys was going to host some quality live music with three Finnish bands playing crust, stoner, doom, hardcore, punk and some more violent genres. I did obviously take advantage of the situation and so, at around 10 pm, I walked down the frozen street (there were almost -12° C) and got to the location in a few minutes.


Lucky Monkeys is a bar-pub built over two levels, both featuring their own counter: music spread by the amplification and people sitting and chatting, above; a smaller space filled with fewer tables but big enough to host a hundred people's crowd, below. Definitely a good spot for underground bands' live events.

As the concert started, the first to come on stage were the four members of VVORSE, a band from Jyväskylä active since 2014, faithfully playing some rough and aggressive crust-hardcore as their two published works can prove (the eponymous "VVORSE" in 2014 and the latest "Näkyjä Helvetistä" in 2016). Both guitar players Lauris and Jussi sang, alternating themselves and even at the same time, creating a really fantastic mood, sadly quite unreciprocated. Unfortunately the audience didn't seem that involved either, though something started to change after the first three or four songs.

It's always a shame seeing such worthy opening acts giving their best and playing this good in front of a sleepy audience. I do understand those who don't want to be right under the stage — especially when there's just a few people — but those guys who play in front of a bunch of people should get more consideration; especially when they are that good.


After VVORSE 45 minutes' gig, another quartet came on stage: Plaguebreather from Helsinki. The band started playing a little after 11 pm and here the room started to be filled once again with a mixture of doom, HC, thrash and even a little black metal. There still were a few people in the crowd and the singer Antti tried to get their attention by walking through the room while screaming into the microphone.

Here we are, once again, facing another high level live gig, with songs played with emotional intensity and passion. These guys are spreading their music since 2015 (year in which they released an eponymous EP), singing both in Finnish and English: definitely a name we'll keep in our mind.

Demonic Death Judge

It's almost midnight when the main act comes on stage: Demonic Death Judge. I've already seen them live — when I first discovered them — as they were opening for Red Fang, and I clearly remember how good they were, even more than the headliner I must say, and that's why I pinned their name in my mind. Three years later I finally had the chance to meet them once again and, in the meanwhile, the band grew up: six works published, from EPs to albums, last of which (called "Seaweed") was released this January 13th; they also got a certain number of live gigs abroad, sometimes accompanied by the third quartet of tonight's bill.

They have undoubtedly been around the block: though the number of the audience had grown, it wasn't anyway sold out, and yet as Jaakko and company started playing their stoner-sludge, a certain number of people got near the stage to headbang and hail to the band, which proved to have what it takes to get famous. As they were playing "Church Burner", a couple of lighters came out to light the darkness, which thing made some people smile. After that much crust and violence some slower music worked perfectly as a diversion we all enjoyed.

It's been a truly great show with three more than good bands I wish all the best to, especially to the youngest one. It's been quite sad to face such a small crowd participating that little from the very beginning and I hope the band didn't get it wrong, thinking that the audience wasn't appreciating their efforts and work. As far as I'm concerned, I can undoubtedly state that I only saw very valuable musicians playing on that evening.