MICK MOSS – Acoustic Songbook (28/12/2014 @ No Cage, Prato)

MICK MOSS – Acoustic Songbook (28/12/2014 @ No Cage, Prato)

Event:Mick Moss – Acoustic Songbook
Location:No Cage, Prato, Italy

Mick Moss, Antimatter’s mind, came back to Italy for a couple of acoustic shows, the best of all possible closures for my musical 2014 and a great chance to meet my fellow aristocrat Bosj.

More often than not, our relationships with music bands begin by chance. My love for Antimatter started — as for many other listeners — while searching for things related in some way to Anathema. This is how I first found out about the nth project which Duncan Patterson was a part of together with Mick Moss, a musician totally unknown to me at the time. It was the year 2007 when the masterpiece Leaving Eden was released, the first album completely composed by Mick Moss after Patterson left the project (with Danny Cavanagh on guitars).

From that moment on, Antimatter gradually stopped being for me simply a band “related to Anathema”, quickly climbing my personal list of favorite artists. Both their trip-hop side — heavily featured on the debut “Saviour” — and the later incursions into acoustic rock were notable, with meaningful but easy-to-remember lyrics. On top of it all, Mick Moss‘ spectacular voice; a singer easily describable with the overused sentence “I would like it even if he sang a grocery list”. After Leaving Eden, the project faced many difficulties that also meant a five years wait before the release of the following work Fear Of A Unique Identity.

I don’t believe in fate and I am perfectly aware of the fact that there was no superior design behind my not being able to attend any Antimatter show, from the moment I found out about them up until January 2013 — when I left for China. That year Mick Moss‘ band played many times in Italy because of the tour for the release of their new album. Thus came the end of 2014, when I discovered that Moss would have played a solo acoustic set in Prato: my decision was obvious. After having missed so many of their performances over the last couple of years, I couldn’t but contact the organizer, who was really helpful in arranging our stay (I went there together with the other aristocrat Bosj).

Five hours by train, then two hours in the freezing (and astonishing) center of the Tuscan town, and finally the meeting with Bosj after many months. We found the hotel pretty easily and then finally go towards the No Cage, a venue actively linked to the vegan movement that would have also offered an all-you-can-eat buffet before the show. The dinner was immense both in terms of quantity and of quality, contributing to create a friendly atmosphere with Moss and all of the others.

We finally get to the show itself, the highly anticipated closure for a musical discourse started for me some years ago, and that has left a deep mark on me. As expected, the evening wasn’t planned much as an Antimatter show, but more as an acoustic journey through the many influences of the young Mick Moss and some reinterpretations of his own tracks. Surprising and extremely personal covers of songs by some of the main names of British music: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, and so on. However, the key moments were Antimatter’s songs and “The Puppeteer” from Under The Same Sky by Sleeping Pulse, Moss’ new project started together with the Portuguese guitarist Luis Fazendeiro.

Many of Antimatter’s strongest tracks were part of the setlist: “Leaving Eden”, “The Weight Of The World”, “Conspire”, etc… Towards the end, Moss again paid homage to some of his main influences, such as Ritchie Havens, going on to close his second encore with a cover of “Working Class Hero” by John Lennon.

The performance was followed by toasts, handshakes, signatures, and photos. Our musical 2014 ended on a really high note, thanks to an evening organized outside of the traditional channels (thanks to the organizer Alessandro, Mick Moss, and No Cage’s staff). On the road to the next Antimatter album during 2015 (again through Prophecy Productions), we can’t but recommend you all to listen to Sleeping Pulse’s debut, similar but different. Wish you a happy new year full of the most intense music.

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