NUCLEAR WAR NOW! FESTIVAL VOLUME IV – Part 2: 8 November 2014 | Aristocrazia Webzine


Event: Nuclear War Now! Festival Volume IV
Date: 07/11/2014 – 08/0112014
Location: Postbahnhof Fritzclub, Berlin, Germany
Translation: Vlakorados


Sathurday 8th November 2014

The weather is even milder than friday, it's almost a pity to go down into Fritzclub's den.


The Finnish youngsters Witchcraft lead off the dances giving an insecure impression of themselves. Their vocalist-guitarist goes on stage dressed as a monk, clumsy and hurrying, holding a candlestick, just to get rid of it all in a few seconds and start playing. Their music refers to early Beherit, of which they also play a cover. The show lasts less then expected, so they play other tributes such as "The Black Vomit" by Sarcòfago to fill their time. The audience is satisfied with their short performance and thank them screaming out loud.

It's time to welcome the veterans Death Courier, active since 1987. The Hellenci band present a selection of Death-Thrash tracks from the various stages of their career, getting even to their demo era of the Eighties. The Greek trio noticeably enjoys every minute on the stage, involves the people in the audience with its passion and invite them to visit the stand in the atrium.

Now, Hell's gates open to welcome Hellvetron and their Death-Doom steeped in tar, probably you've already read about them on this website. Many people in the audience follow their show with particular attention. Their performance is static, but the atmosphere created by gloomy notes and lights which seem to hail from a fire is awesome. The Texan band present their music excellently and gain the support of some new fans.

What does a sexagenarian man on the stage of a Black and Death Metal fest? The Boss is not just a myth, he also has a great charisma which manages to fill the room with people and win over the audience with his sympathy which reminds me of a grandpa telling his life to his grandchildren. Despite his noticeable ailments, Jiri "The Boss" gives his best to amuse the audience. The bassist and one of the guitarists, close jokesters, support him with a peerless show in which they discuss, joke and interact with the audience. The mix of theatrical performance, black mass and recitation entertains and causes a big applause. The ausience asks Root for an encore, but the old man slightly shakes his head in disagreement, seemingly a little sorry.

The large audience pressed on the crush barriers now invokes Irkallian Oracle, a Swedish Black-Death band. The stage is ready for the big rite which they will celebrate in canonical dresses. Vocalist ar Ra'd al Iblis accompanies his performance and the band's musicwith various instruments such as bells and tambourines. The theatrical effect is guaranteed, like the ritualistic and hypnotic ambience.

Hellenic Black Metal couldn't miss at NWN! Fest: Varathron are received by a large audience which gets excited listening to the classics of their early era. Hyperactive Stefan Necroabyssious does the lion's share with his vigorous performance and draws the audience during the whole set list.

People now can't wait to relive Ross Bay's fury and reach heaven when Revenge start. The result is a moving mass of human flesh and some broken noses. After having welcomed R. Foster's guitar on stage, Revenge turn into Conqueror. This is the first time that some mortals can participate in his rite on a gig. The set list tracks like "Domitor Invictus" and "Hammer Of Antichrist", completely enjoyed by the audience. I quite missed the staging with cartridge belts and nails to honor this event.

The second day stood out not only for the special guests, but also for a better sound quality, well-groomed and really satisfying.