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ORANGE GOBLIN + Monolord (01/04/2017 @ Nosturi, Helsinki)

Event: Orange Goblin + Monolord
Date: 01/04/2017
Location: Nosturi, Helsinki
Translation: Oneiros

  • Monolord
  • Orange Goblin


Listening to an album from headphones is totally different from listening to (and watching) it as it is played live. Raise your hand if you've got a long, long list of bands you didn't manage to see live, yet; not to mention those band we'll never be able to see because they're no longer together. How depressing.

However, things don't always go wrong: sometimes you're lucky and that band's tour has a date near where you live. I listened to Orange Goblin for the first time almost 10 years ago, I immediately loved them and nonetheless I never had the chance to enjoy a live show of theirs — nor to headbang on a live "Scorpionica". I feared the happy English quartet would eventually made it in that above mentioned list, but — lucky me — this is not what happened. Thanks to Nosturi's collaboration with those good people who organize Tuska Festival, the Orange Goblin arrived into the Finnish capital, accompanied by Monolord, on last Saturday, April 1st. I was there and, trust me, it was no April's fool.

It was hard to foretell how many people would go; when I got there, there were just a few of them, some of which were chatting with ohmygod Ben Ward, who was standing behind the merchandise desk, smiling. I would have really liked to talk to him but I preferred not to let everybody see such an awkwardly embarrassed and clumsy me.


Though they started their performance with about twenty minutes of delay, Swedish Monolord found a certain number of people applauding them from the crowd. For once the opening band too got a (more than deserved) good treatment from the participating.

The band, which is quite young, has played songs from its two albums ("Empress Rising" and "Vænir"), serving some well-made, quality Stoner/Doom, never boring or toned-down. I did listen to some of their songs before but I now can certainly state that those studio performances are nothing but a pale reflection of the wall of sound and atmospheres the Göteborg trio is capable of building live.

I will be definitely listening to them again, even live if I can, why not.

Orange Goblin

When Orange Goblin got on stage and started their set playing with that very "Scorpionica" I already mentioned — my favourite song of theirs! — I officially went bananas. By the way, there were some not-that-young-anymore folks — obviously, since the band is more than twenty years old — in the crowd and both agitation and excitement were palpable.

The four Englishmen were shockingly good and Ben kept on smiling and incite the crowd all the time. I've seldom seen a front-man so accustomed and, at the same time, so happy to deal with the audience. «Last time we've been here in Helsinki was nine years ago, it won't take another nine until we come back!».

The set-list, on the other hand, was flawless and included both the earliest and the latest works: "Some You Win, Some You Lose", "Saruman's Wish", "The Fog" — perfect for the weather outside — "Made Of Rats", the highly expected "Quincy The Pigboy" and the lynyrdskynyrdian "Time Travelling Blues", which allowed us to take a break from jumping. In fact, except from this last song, we nearly had time to rest for a while: my neck and back hurt like hell, my hair got messy and dirty though I did wash it just a couple of hours before, and I'm (or, better, I'd be) totally doing it once again.

"Red Tide Rising" was the last of fourteen tracks and the ones who hoped for an encore — everyone — were not pleased.

I finally fulfiled one of the biggest dream of mine, one of those I've dreamt about the most and it was even better than I could expect. Monolord did an extremely fantastic job and Orange Goblin definitely made «theatre’s roof fall down». It was like being among friends I've always known, in a way.

I don't want to wait another nine years to see you live again either, so don't fool us.