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PÁRODOS + Alchimia + Madvice (28/01/2018 @ Circus Club, Scandicci)

Event: Párodos + Alchimia + Madvice
Date: 28/01/2018
Venue: Circus Club, Scandicci (Florence)


The Tuscan show of Alchimia's Italian promotional tour for "Musa", in addition to their partners on the road of Madvice, also saw the evil addition of someone we know quite well around here: Párodos. After a huge lunch and a fundamental nap in the afternoon, we gathered all the necessary ill will and set off towards Scandicci on our beloved local motorway.



It might seem strange, but for several reasons I have seen more shows during my business trip in Chongqing than in Tuscany, where I live, over the last year or so. This being said, as soon as I learned about this show near Florence for the Salerno-based quintet (together with many other great people), I did my best in order to be there.

We reached Circus Club and filled in the forms for subscribing to yet another circle, while we exchange a few words with the (not that many, unfortunately) people, get some drinks and of course a sandwich with lampredotto (if you visit Florence, make sure you try one). After a while, it's time for the first band to set foot on stage, opening for Alchimia for the third time in a row: Madvice. The quartet, half from Tuscany and half from Campania, features two members of Nameless Crime (guitarist Maddalena Bellini and bassist Raffaele Lanzuise), plus the lead singer Asator and their new drummer Marco Moretti.

Madvice play quite a rich and powerful variety of death metal, though not completely oblivious to melodies (you will even find a cover of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" in their repertoire), and this comes out effectively. With such titles as "A Day To Fight, A Day To Suffer" and "Hopeless", you can pretty much guess the conceptual stance of the quartet, leading up to the upcoming release of their full-length release "Everything Comes To An End" this spring. Their performance concludes with the contribution of vocalist Lunaria for the last song played at the Circus Club. Keep an eye on them, if you can't leave the bed in the morning without your daily dose of extreme metal.


Over the last couple of years we have seen a huge growth, especially in terms of quality, of the broad metal-related scene in the Campania region. "Musa", Alchimia's official debut (the creation of vocalist and guitarist Emanuele Tito), was easily one of the highlights of last year.

This show at Circus Club was their third stop on the road, after Milan and Bologna, before wrapping going back "home" to the Mumble Rumble in Salerno, on February 3. On this tour, Tito was also accompanied by the omnipresent David Folchitto on drums. The so-called Mediterranean Atmospheric Post-Metal born from the complex alchemy of different elements, wisely selected and mixed together by the musician from the Sorrento Peninsula, fits in the rich tradition of Italian melodic metal (and not only metal). During their performance (also characterized by really nice sounds and a great execution by all four members), a variety of bands came to my mind, from The Foreshadowing to Novembre, including Arctic Plateau, Klimt1918, and well you name it.

Apart from having one of the most intriguing logos I have seen lately, in short, Alchimia also proved to be quite a serious project, able to give its own contribution to something extremely enthralling and — though this might sound a bit cheesy — beautiful (in order to get a clearer idea, have a look at the video of "Waltz Of The Sea"). Tito and his bandmates concluded their performance with great appreciation in the audience, before leaving the stage to their friends Párodos.



Having followed them for quite some time, and having appreciated the news about their recent European tour, I was very happy to finally see this quintet live, not too far from home for once. Párodos, with their widely acclaimed "Catharsis", are quite a solid name in the Italian underground scene, and this comes out quite clearly during their performance.

The five musicians enjoy great chemistry and several extremely effective songs: from the title-track to "Space Omega", including "Evocazione" and "Black Cross". A diverse repertoire (though not as much as to be described as death or pagan metal, like someone apparently said), played with dedication and proficiency, though Párodos never take themselves too seriously and always entertain a positive relationship with their listeners.

Keyboard player Hybris introduced this show to me by saying "If it were for me, I would play live every day", and it seems this is true, considering that the band is getting ready for an Italian tour; of course, here at Aristocrazia we hope to know more about it soon.

The evening finished quite late and, it being a Sunday, we had to hit the road and get back home. Still, we were luckier than the bands that have faced even longer return trips, and made it out alive despite the large quantity of aevil involved.