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UFOMAMMUT + Hate & Merda (06-04-2018 @ Alchemica Club, Bologna)

Event: Ufomammut + Hate & Merda
Date: 06/04/2018
Venue: Alchemica Club, Bologna, Italy



Apparently, there must be something very special in the combination of Ufomammut, Bologna, and Aristocrazia Webzine. In fact, it was their previous show at Alchemica Club in December 2015 to welcome me back to Italy after three years spent working in China. It's just fitting that it was them to give us the perfect chance for another reunion.


So, how many people do you know that might decide to combine not one but two bachelor parties around a live show by the alien mammoth? Well, these two people were myself and our friend Istrice (who was very enthusiastic when reviewed "Ecate" a few years ago), taking advantage of the fact that our (black?) weddings will take place quite close to one another. As the final show of the tour for the monumental "8" (of course included in my 2017 playlist), the good ol' Alchemica Club in Bologna was the perfect place for this, together with the Casa Buia restaurant nearby (with its amazing name meaning «dark house»).

Hate & Merda

Hate & MerdaCompared to the 2015 show, apart from the absence of fog, I would like to highlight the decision to only include one opening act. Hailing from Florence, the duo known as Hate & Merda — easily among the most beautiful ugly things coming out of the Italian music scene over the last decade or so — was the perfect appetizer with its load of filth, discomfort, noise and no screwing (as written on a sticker on their amplifier).

The guitar and drums of the two undefined members of this Dio Drone discovery basically slapped in the face all of us for about forty minutes, featuring stuff from "La Capitale Del Male" and giving shape to the infinite blackness that accompanies our inexorable decline. I am pretty sure that we will see them quite a lot around Italian stages, and I would recommend you keep an eye on their show at Rottura Del Silenzio festival in Carpi this coming June.


UfomammutFirst things first: here on Aristocrazia we just love Ufomammut under all of their many identities. It's been quite a few years that we anticipate their releases and shows with sizable interest and we rarely come up disappointed (let's say never): their performance at Alchemica was no exception to this rule.

Differently from their gig in December 2015, this time the trio managed to set foot on stage at a much more human time and, more importantly, had the chance to literally plow the audience with their heavy mammoth feet for much longer. Naturally, the main set focused on the eighth, infinite, creature conceived by Urlo, Poia, and Vita, between the mesmerizing pace of "Warsheep" and the heavy blows of "Core". Of course, all of this was widely appreciated by the audience that went on to ask for something more at the end of the show.

Ok, at this point it all went mad: not one, but two encores in which Ufomammut mixed songs and excerpts from their entire career, in an alchemical triumph of more than thirty minutes which included stuff such as "Temple", "Stardog", "Lacrimosa" and whatnot, leaving us to deal with the mysteries of the universe by ourselves, together with our desecrated ears for the following ours.

Poia e AristocraziaAt the end it was our turn to pester the kind Poia for a group photo before going to the merch table (great as usual) in order to pick up some souvenir from this dense evening. There couldn't have been a better conclusion.

Congratulations to Alchemica Club for having improved the signup procedure and having made the event smoother in general, compared to our previous visit.