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AC/DC – Rock Or Bust World Tour (07/06/2015 @ Letzigrund Stadion, Zurigo)

Event: AC/DC – Rock Or Bust World Tour
Date: 07/06/2015
Location: Letzigrund Stadion, Zurigo, Svizzera

Translation: Vlakorados

December 2014: tickets for AC/DC's show at Letzigrund, stadium of Grasshopper Club Zurich, are sold out. As it often happens, people who could not buy it take advantage of the second presale for the sunday following the show of the 5th of June.

Vintage Trouble

Cold is apparently gone, a quintet in shorts sets of on this sunday afternoon to hounour the presence of the most famous Australians of the world. Zurich may be the biggest city of the small Switzerland, but it has the same problems of its mother: the lack of space. People crowds around the doors and suffer from the heat of these days. Once we realized how people would be distributed among the entrances, it was easy to understand where it would be better, possibly even in the shade. Formalities are quickly worked out by the security staff and now we can access to the area, passing in front of stands strategically placed as monuments to AC/DC's marketing and long queues of spectators waiting for a mobile toilet to be available.

At seven, as expected, the young supporting band Vintage Trouble introduces itself to the audience with the vigorous colored singer Ty Taylor. The Soul Rock sound of the Americans has little to share with the goal of the night, apart from the taste for Blues tonalities maybe. Most of the spectators seem to ignore the band's performance, whose best part is Ty, his remarkable vocal skills with the style of James Brown or Little Richard and his hard work as entertainer. The forty-six years old man incites tge audience, moves with charism around the stage and wants the contact with their supporters, jumping on the first lines to let them carry him on their hands. De gustibus non est disputandum, but Ty Taylor is an absolutely great frontman.


The weather forecast said that there would have been only a few millimeters of rain, but the sky is getting darker and threatening over the lake. We console ourselves with the usual sentence «it won't rain that much».

Today Angus Young (60) and Brian Johnson (67) are the pillars of a legend born in 1973. Many of you probably know the tragic events about Malcolm's disease and Phil Rudd's legal issues, but it taks more than this to damage the strength of the band. The audience is focused on the event in this stadium sold out even in the second night and bursts when the screen shows the bombastic opening scenography with images of the Moon landing saw from the AC/DC's point of view. "Rock Or Bust" is probably a shy way to start, but the audience — whcih already got filled of adrenaline during the break — follows every movement on the stage, applauds, partecipates and yells. Angus has a little less energy compared to the tour for "The Razor's Edge", but being in his sixties with that strength is something enviable.

The selection of twenty songs focuses on the past, leaving room to only two albums of the last quarter of century, "Black Ice" and "Rock Or Bust". The audience is heterogeneous. Some spectators with a degree on AC/DC's songs aired on the radio hop and dance, swaying happily to "Rock'N'Roll Train"'s rhythm, while the true fans get excited yelling the lyrics of less famous songs like "Shot Down In Flames". The energy spreaded by the band, the bombastic scenography, the excellent sound quality and the very few breaks increase the audience's pleasure, a pleasure disturbed only when looking up towards those threatening black and yellow clouds maybe loaded of hailstorm and rain, accompanied by some lightning which offer the perfect choreography to introduce "Thunderstruck". The final eight songs are odes to the glorious past and until "Whole Lotta Rosie" we are dry. The lady with large breasts and the orgiastic forms seem to stimulate the cataracts which slowly open themselves. Angus celebrates his solo ascendingthanks to a mobile platform towards the heaven of Rock, alone in the middle of the stage and accompanied by the burst of the audience supporting him, partecipating at all of his inciting gesture… and by some lightning in background.

The melancholic "For Those About To Rock" is welcomed with a little displeasure by fans like me, which in this song see the end of a concert full of satisfactions and sweat.
We have been lucky. Capes cover the body of some people, but the rain is bearable. A little later, moving towards the car, we will find ourselves in the middle of a violent cloudburst with hailstorm, storm and much more. But this is another story…