Five years have passed since the first installment of Aristocrazia Webzine appeared in 2009. Originally a project born from the most loyal users of a small regional forum in Northern Italy (Aristocrazia Ligure), it went on to become more and more inclusive of different elements. Our strong interest towards the underground scene brought us to create our own webzine, with the search for hidden gems as the main objective. After a tumultuous start, we landed on Blogspot and started establishing our own traditions, such as the weekly update on Monday.

Since our quality standards have been increasing year after year, we decided to utilize a whole new platform in October 2013 with our own domain. The original team from 2009 has mixed with some valuable new entries over the years, allowing us to diversify our range and skills. Our team currently features people from different areas and backgrounds, and we always take decisions through discussion.

We won’t be modest about it: we are really proud of the path we have trodden, not compromising with anyone and constantly setting the bar higher and higher. Of course, this week we are also celebrating the bands we have worked with, the labels, and the readers. We have been working on expanding our international section with reviews, interviews and live reports; hopefully we will manage to add more contents in the future.

Our focus has always been on quality on top of quantity, working with our own guidelines. Through the years, we went on to contact some big names as well, such as Katatonia, Septicflesh, Burzum and so on. Most of the bands we worked with have stayed in touch with us for their other releases or for general comments. As we are working on further changes, be reminded that you can always contact us via Facebook, e-mail or our forum.

Long live Aristocrazia Webzine!