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Sometimes we really don’t know where to put some of the things we write. Probably because these things don’t want to be put anywhere, they are impossible to categorize and they wish to remain that way. They are free to roam and come across anyone who’s willing to collect them. This column, “Miscellaneous”, includes all those articles that can’t and won’t be classified anywhere else: life experiences, travel diaries, tales of distant lands and anything else can cross your mind, and even more. Free of any restraint on form and contents, this column is, obviously, also exempt of any kind of time restriction, and as such, it won’t be published on a regular basis. Only through your attention and curiosity will you be able to find out about its surprising diversity of treasures. Keep your eyes (and ears) wide open!

TWO YEARS OF "POST-" music in Shanghai

TWO YEARS OF “POST-” music in Shanghai

Let's discover the development of the international post-rock and post-metal scene around China throughout 2013 and 2014. Mono, God Is An Astronaut, and more! ...