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While our webzine is mostly about Metal and Rock, every now and then we enjoy a trip into different sounds searching for something new. Sometimes we found ourselves in complex genres like Noise, Free Jazz and Dark Ambient, sometimes we get lost in the many facets of Electronic music or in the different forms of Folk, and sometimes we even give in to Pop’s temptations. Our target is to conquer the entire music world, but don’t tell anyone.

DRUJ - Chants To Irkalla

DRUJ – Chants To Irkalla

From Anchorage (AK), Druj haven't decided whether to talk about Mesopotamia or Zoroastrianism, but they certainly chose to do it by playing death and doom metal ...
ROME - Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro

ROME – Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro

Back to the roots for Rome, with "Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro": a demanding album, a ruthless analysis of feelings and social dynamics in times of turmoil ...


"Auf Grund" by the German band Ewig.Endlich. follows on the steps of God Is An Astronaut, Agalloch, and Cult Of Luna to create a post-black metal world ...
MARASME - Malsons

MARASME – Malsons

Mallorca-based post-metal quintet Marasme brought Cult Of Luna and Year Of No Light all the way down to the Mediterranean, so the sludge of "Malsons" was born ...
/ 2018, Marasme, Reviews, WOOAAARGH
?ALOS - The Chaos Awakening

?ALOS – The Chaos Awakening

Beyond OvO, the latest performance by Stefania ?Alos Pedretti, between folk, ambient, and drone. Chaos awakening against the patriarchy, on Dio Drone ...
UNDER - Stop Being Naive

UNDER – Stop Being Naive

Under are a stoner/sludge trio from Stockport, Manchester. "Stop Being Naive" is their take on the discomfort coming from Melvins and Alice In Chains ...
A FOREST OF STARS - Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes

A FOREST OF STARS – Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes

The Victorian Age Gentleman's Club exposes humanity's grave mistakes, as we rush to our grave mounds. Unpredictable avantgarde black metal by A Forest Of Stars ...
THE MON - Doppelleben

THE MON – Doppelleben

Supernatural Cat gives us the second life of Ufomammut's Urlo, between mysticism and darkness, as The Mon's Doppelleben ventures through industrial and ambient ...


After the experiences of Agalloch and Giant Squid, Khôrada released "Salt", a condemnation of the model that's bringing us closer to extinction ...
/ 2018, Prophecy Productions, Reviews
AVAST - Mother Culture

AVAST – Mother Culture

Our relationship with nature has long been part of the metal world. "Mother Culture" is Avast's blackgaze take on pollution and climate change ...
/ 2018, Dark Essence Records, Reviews
FREDAG DEN 13:E - Dystopisk Utsikt

FREDAG DEN 13:E – Dystopisk Utsikt

Gothenburg crust hardcore act Fredag den 13:e revealed their dystopic vision, get ready for a frontal assault on conservatives and nationalists ...
MESSA - Feast For Water

MESSA – Feast For Water

Sophomore album for Italian doom/jazz sensation Messa, a rich opus with heavy as well as relaxing atmospheres, between Fender Rhodes and blast beats ...
/ 2018, Aural Music, Jazz, Messa, Reviews
LYKHAEON - Ominous Eradication Of Anguished Souls

LYKHAEON – Ominous Eradication Of Anguished Souls

Band: Lykhaeon Title: Ominous Eradication Of Anguished Souls Year: 2018 Country: Switzerland Label: Godz Ov War Productions Contacts: Translation: Crypt ...
COLDAWN - ...In The Dawn

COLDAWN – …In The Dawn

Band: Coldawn Title: ...In The Dawn Year: 2018 Country: Australia / Venezuela Label: Avantgarde Music / Flowing Downward Contacts: TRACKLIST ...
・・・・・・・・・ - CD

・・・・・・・・・ – CD

Band: ・・・・・・・・・ Title: CD Year: 2017 Country: Japan Label: Trash-Up!! Records Contacts: Translation: LordPist TRACKLIST Tokyo RUNNING TIME: 01:12:47 A ...
THOMAS ANDREW DOYLE - Incineration Ceremony

THOMAS ANDREW DOYLE – Incineration Ceremony

Band: Thomas Andrew Doyle Title: Incineration Ceremony Year: 2017 Country: U.S.A. Label: Yuggoth Records Contacts: Translation: Crypt Of Fear TRACKLIST ...
Comity - A Long, Eternal Fall

COMITY – A Long, Eternal Fall

Band: Comity Title: A Long, Eternal Fall Year: 2017 Country: France Label: Throatruiner Records / Translation Loss Records Contacts: TRACKLIST ...


Band: Ifriqiyya Electrique Title: Rûwâhîne Year: 2017 Country: Tunisia / Italy Label: Glitterbeat Records Contacts: Translation: Crypt Of Fear TRACKLIST ...