COVERS: Metal In Metal

COVERS: Metal In Metal

How many of us, little metalheads who even just tried to approach an instrument, haven’t tried to emulate their idols, often with forgettable results? Who never even tried to play “Iron Man” on a famous cheap guitar imitation, or “Bleed”‘s any AC/DC song’s rhythm pattern?

As you might have guessed, this playlist’s theme is covers: besides the debatable high school bands, also accomplished ones, even with decades of career behind their backs, have fun in reinterpreting others’ pieces, to honour their roots or to just have a good time. The first part of this three-episode column is about those songs that are undoubtedly metal and have been covered within the same boundaries, not counting differences related to subgenres.

So, for example, we have Monstrosity homaging Slayer, or Sonata Arctica dealing with Helloween (for me, a terrifying bond), songs that are perfectly recognizable even in their new form. Others, instead, just dip their toes in metal territories (like the case of Soundgarden/Black Sabbath) or reconnect to it just because of the involved names and not in the actual song style (just think of Amenra‘s rendition of “Parabol”). Or we can just find Anaal Nathrakh‘s groundless madness, with their own version of “Powerslave”.

There are many names left outside in order to keep it brief, so we have to mention a few: Emperor (their almost identical cover of Bathory‘s “A Fine Day To Die” is just essential), Vader‘s diverse repertoire or My Dying Bride which, according to LordPist, have been nicely covered by Northern Crown in an album that has yet to see the light of day. Hence, it’s a bottomless pit where we can find covers that are just as famous as the originals and hidden gems as well.

Waiting for the second instalment, then, enjoy our first selection with these fifteen songs!