Progressive Metal

Progressive Metal

From the nowadays most widespread odd times and polyrhythm to old-school classics come out in the 90s: that’s progressive metal. Whether it sings about human mind it’s instrumental, whether it’s a concept album on some Y-named alien life-forms or a 25-minutes-long suite about a change of seasons, the core idea is just one: go beyond the more rigid schemes of classic heavy metal and dare, progressively venturing towards new horizons.

BEHOLDER - Reflections

BEHOLDER – Reflections

Band: Beholder Title: Reflections Year: 2016 Country: United Kingdom Label: Razorline Records Contacts: TRACKLIST Frozen Steps Of Utøya I, Machine ...
PRAESEPE - The 6th Extinction

PRAESEPE – The 6th Extinction

Band: Praesepe Title: The 6th Extinction Year: 2015 Country: Poland / England Label: Damned Pages Distro & Promotion Contacts: Translation: ...


Band: Pressure Points Title: False Lights Year: 2015 Country: Finland Label: 7hard Records Contacts: Translation: LordPist TRACKLIST Wreckage Between The ...
AWAKE THE SUN - The Barren Sleep

AWAKE THE SUN – The Barren Sleep

Band: Awake The Sun Title: The Barren Sleep Year: 2015 Country: Italy Label: Sliptrick Records Contacts: TRACKLIST Awake No Sun ...
ARUNA AZURA - A Story Of A World's Betrayal

ARUNA AZURA – A Story Of A World’s Betrayal

Band: Aruna Azura Title: A Story Of A World's Betrayal Year: 2013 Country: Russia Label: Metal Scrap Records Contacts: Facebook ...