#100 BLACK METAL ARISE | Aristocrazia Webzine


Welcome to our loyal followers,

One hundred weeks have passed since the beginning of our Third Age, as we explored the darkest depths of music with you and broadened our scope pushing the boundaries of obscure atmospheres around the world. Over the years we have covered lots of great metal events, such as the Brutal Assault and Hellfest, but also a handful of unusual ones (Babymetal's first show in Italy, or Mick Moss' solo performance in Tuscany).

We have been to China, bringing to your attention emerging acts — Deep Mountains, Nine Treasures, and Bloody Woods spring to mind — and of course introducing some of the most interesting Italian projects as well —  Deadly Carnage, Earth And Pillars, Caronte, to name a few. Naturally, we have covered bands from everywhere, and you can find new articles every week on our website. This week we have reviewed the anticipated debut LP by the Scottish black metal band Haar: "The Wayward Ceremony".

One of the most interesting additions of the last couple of months is our SoundCloud page, where you can find playlists featuring the projects we have reviewed. Apart from Haar, the latest playlist Black Metal Arise also includes other bands such as Kosmos, Antagoniste, Midnight Odyssey, and many more!

Haar – The Wayward Ceremony

Assumption – The Three Appearances
Kosmos – Ashes Of The Orphic Dream

Necronomidol – Interview

Antagoniste – The Myth Of Mankind

Midnight Odyssey – Shards Of Silver Fade

Awaiting Fear – Interview [updated]

Cyber Baphomet / Karna – Fear 2.0
Perversity – Interview [updated]

Endwave – Meridian Flows

Temple Of Void – Of Terror And The Supernatural