#14 SUMMER IS A-COMING IN | Aristocrazia Webzine


We didn’t get crazy and neither are we predicting some sort of climate change; we are already getting ready for June instead, with our sights set on our journey to this year’s Hellfest. Among other things, the French festival will be part of the historic Emperor reunion tour for the twentieth anniversary of “In The Nightside Eclipse”. Another huge comeback will be Black Sabbath, headlining the last day on the main stage; there will also be Iron Maiden, Slayer, Soundgarden, Opeth, Carcass, and many others. Meet us there!

In order to start getting closer to the festival mood, we have also published the English version of one of our reports for last year’s Brutal Assault, which featured such bands as Solefald, Novembers Doom, Cult Of Luna, and so on. In addition, you can check out the review of the debut by Brazilian post-rock project Camollís from last week's update, and all the other reviews from the last few months.

On the technical side, we have made some small changes in the interface of our new reviews. You will notice some small icons linking to the bands’ contact pages, making them less invasive and we believe more functional.

Enjoy your stay on Aristocrazia.

Brutal Assault 2013 – Part II

CamollÍs – Prólogo

Aphonic Threnody – First Funeral
Deuil – Acceptance / Rebuild
Nine Treasures (九宝) – Nine Treasures

Master Fury – Circles Of Hell

Skapt Av Skog – Skapt Av Skog
狗神 (Goushen) – 666 KTV

Lamentations Of The Ashen – EKIMMV
Bombthreat – Back From Oblivion (The Untold Graveyard Stories)