#151 AROUND AND BEYOND THE WORLD | Aristocrazia Webzine


Hello everyone,

as summer fades away, we want to take you on a quite weird musical journey; after all, that's what we do every week, but this time it may be even stranger than ever.

First of all, we start travelling around the world exploring some macabre funeral rites which act as the theme of Death Karma's album reviewed by Giup; their Black-Death Metal with tribal and oriental-ish atmospheres is quite impressive, indeed.

Then we, tired of this planet, we want to go through other dimensions and to do this we ask the help of 0N0's latest effort: an experimental and psychedelic Doom-Death work which will surely allow our minds to fly away from here.

Finally, we get back to Earth with the new project of Alex CF — of Light Bearer and Fall Of Efrafa fame — called Morrow, which released an interesting Post-Metal/Core album with acoustic guitars, cellos and much more.

That's all for now. Have a nice week!

Death Karma – The History Of Death And Burial Rituals Part 1
Morrow – Covenant Of Teeth
0N0 – Reconstruction And Synthesis

Antikatechon – I Feel Nothing But Repulsion
Dawn Of A Dark Age – The Six Elements, Vol. 4 AIR
Thunderforge – Call Of The Conqueror

The Howling Void – The Triumph Of Ruin
Too Left 2 Be Right – SOS Mall

Apathia / Infamous – Celebrating The Fall Of Humanity 
Forteresse – Thèmes Pour La Ribéllion

Axevyper – Into The Serpent's Den
Babymetal – Metal Resistance
Necronomidol – From Chaos Born

Amon Amarth – Jomsviking
Immortal Frost Productions – Interview
Outright Resistance – Me Vs. I