#154 THESE MUST BE THE PLACES | Aristocrazia Webzine


Welcome back to Aristocrazia Webzine!

This was a very busy week for us, with three reviews, one live report, and also a special gift for you.

First off, let's go back to last Monday for the only Italian live show by Mick Moss' Antimatter during the Judas Tour 2016, at the Freakout Club in Bologna. Then it is time for two records coming from our beloved Finland: we have encountered the dark metal act Kausalgia once again for their latest release "Dreamquest", and then one of the most energetic bands of the last decade, Stam1na, here reviewed by Oneiros. 

As for something more peculiar, it is time for Vlakorados to analyze another very strange record coming out of the Japanese underground: 十四代目トイレの花子さん (Hanako-San), who has just published another horror/hardcore chapter of her odd career.

We close out this week with our latest SoundCloud playlist, focused on some of the non-metal works we have reviewed this year, called "Pre-Posterous Stuff". Feel free to discover this and all the other ones on our official SoundCloud profile!

See you next week!

Antimatter – The Judas Tour (26/09/2016 @ Freakout Club, Bologna)
Kausalgia – Dreamquest
Stam1na – Elokuutio
十四代目トイレの花子さん – 真っ赤ナトイレ

Corde Oblique – I Maestri Del Colore
Mountain – Evolve

Convulsif – IV
Crystal Pyramid – Enter The Beyond
Infamous / Solitvdo / Warnungstraum – Il Rifugio Del Silenzio
Sunn O))) + Big Brave (07/09/2016 @ Kino Šiška, Ljubljana)

Death Karma – The History Of Death And Burial Rituals Part 1
Morrow – Covenant Of Teeth
0N0 – Reconstruction And Synthesis

Antikatechon – I Feel Nothing But Repulsion
Dawn Of A Dark Age – The Six Elements, Vol. 4 AIR
Thunderforge – Call Of The Conqueror

The Howling Void – The Triumph Of Ruin
Too Left 2 Be Right – SOS Mall