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Aristocrazia Webzine has brought to you another very rich update, featuring works coming from the best-known part of metal and from the underground as well.

Let's start with Bosj's review (translated by Crypt Of Fear) of one of the most anticipated metal releases of the year: Alcest's latest journey through dreams "Kodama" published by Prophecy Productions. As for something a bit more underground, feel free to discover "Gazing Light Eternity", the newest effort by Italian black metal/ambient project Chiral. Of course, this week we also covered something coming from out of the world of metal as usual, namely we had a sneak peek at the debut LP by the British hardcore combo Razor Sharp Death Blizzard, that will be officially released next month.

Last but not least, we were there in Milan for the Earth-shattering experience of the Oregon-based trio YOB's only Italian show, where they were also supported by Black Cobra, read more in Bosj's report here translated by Elisunn.

We will see you next week!

Alcest – Kodama
Chiral – Gazing Light Eternity
Razor Sharp Death Blizzard – You Will Burn
YOB + Black Cobra (30/09/2016 @ Lo-Fi, Milano)

Domadora – The Violent Mystical Sukuma
Haiku Funeral – Hallucinations
Mountain – Interview

Antimatter – The Judas Tour (26/09/2016 @ Freakout Club, Bologna)
Kausalgia – Dreamquest
Stam1na – Elokuutio
十四代目トイレの花子さん – 真っ赤ナトイレ

Corde Oblique – I Maestri Del Colore
Mountain – Evolve

Convulsif – IV
Crystal Pyramid – Enter The Beyond
Infamous / Solitvdo / Warnungstraum – Il Rifugio Del Silenzio
Sunn O))) + Big Brave (07/09/2016 @ Kino Šiška, Ljubljana)

Death Karma – The History Of Death And Burial Rituals Part 1
Morrow – Covenant Of Teeth
0N0 – Reconstruction And Synthesis


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