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After Halloween, we have finally hailed November through the Day of the Dead and, quite frankly, there are not many better ways of celebrating it than by listening to some death metal. The aristocrat Mourning has just come back from a long journey, and he has reviewed the Finnish death metal band Atretic Intestine's latest release " Trails Of Entrails".

Naturally, death is not only blood, gore, and exposed bones, but especially something that puzzles the innermost depths of our being. In this sense, perhaps doom metal might be a better vehicle for exploring this theme, let us do so with the Belgian act A Thousand Sufferings and their record "Burden".

This being said, we are not only made of pain and suffering, so we decided to also feature the EP by Canadian power/prog metal project Red Cain that is officially being released just this month. As for other — less related to metal — things, we have once again crossed paths with the odd experimental Scottish duo Boobs Of Doom, that have just put out some sort of concept work inspired by World Of Warcraft.

Try and survive another week, we will be here for you.

A Thousand Sufferings – Burden
Atretic Intestine – Trail Of Entrails
Boobs Of Doom – WOW IS DEAD.
Red Cain – Red Cain

Luigi Rubino – Il Soffio E La Voce
öOoOoOoOoOo – Samen
Ribbons Of Euphoria – Ribbons Of Euphoria
The Chronicles Of Israfel – A Trillion Lights, Tome II

From The Vastland – Chamrosh
Kvelertak – Nattesferd Tour (17/10/2016 @ Tavastia, Helsinki)
ThrOes – This Viper Womb

Alcest – Kodama
Chiral – Gazing Light Eternity
Razor Sharp Death Blizzard – You Will Burn
YOB + Black Cobra (30/09/2016 @ Lo-Fi, Milano)

Domadora – The Violent Mystical Sukuma
Haiku Funeral – Hallucinations
Mountain – Interview

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