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Someone with a genuine interest in music is always looking for new takes on their favorite form of expression, and this is exactly what we do on this platform. Let us travel way back in time to when Rome engaged in a fierce war against the Southern Italian group known as Samnites, in this case from the latter's point of view, in the widely appreciated debut release by the Italian black metal band Omnia Malis Est, "Víteliú".

Apart from through time, we sure love moving around in space, so we have also decided to follow the Spanish stoner/alternative rock combo La Puerta Numero Dos on their search around Europe of the mysterious "Twelve Doors And A Key".

Getting back to Italy, you can also find our review of the highly anticipated upcoming album by experimental noise duo OvO "Creatura" (coming out on December 9), officially marking the start of their cooperation with the Florence-based label Dio Drone.

Last but not least, our SoundCloud playlists are back as well! This time with a crushing Black Metal Attack, featuring many of the new releases we have covered throughout 2016, such as Ars Veneficium, Chiral, Forteresse, Skáphe, Mithridatic, Oath, and many others!

See you in December!

Omnia Malis Est – Víteliú
OvO – Creatura
La Puerta Número Dos – Twelve Doors And A Key

Mistur – In Memoriam
No Man Eyes – Cosmogony
Párodos – Demo
Penfield – Parallaxi5

Acoustic Anomaly – Dominvs. Tinea
Ars Veneficium – The Reign Of The Infernal King
Hammerhands – Largo Forte
Rome In Monochrome – Karma Anubis
Stellar Temple – Domestic Molester

A Thousand Sufferings – Burden
Atretic Intestine – Trail Of Entrails
Boobs Of Doom – WOW IS DEAD.
Red Cain – Red Cain

Luigi Rubino – Il Soffio E La Voce
öOoOoOoOoOo – Samen
Ribbons Of Euphoria – Ribbons Of Euphoria
The Chronicles Of Israfel – A Trillion Lights, Tome II

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