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This was quite a busy week for us, as we have worked on two interviews with a couple of very interesting people in the Italian metal scene. First off, we have exchanged a few words with Gianluca Lucarini, guitarist of the dark metal project Rome In Monochrome, then we have met Giulian, mastermind of the emerging folk black metal act Scuorn.

Of course there are several reviews as well, let's start from the highly anticipated new release by the atmospheric black metal band Earth And Pillars, before entering other realms, such as the neofolk/darkwave journey undertaken by Dis Pater of Midnight Odyssey's fame with Dissvarth, or the post-black metal territories explored by Hungarian combo Ygfan.

Our many social media channels are always open if you want to share your thoughts with us, see you next week!

Dissvarth – Between The Light And The Moon
Earth And Pillars – Pillars I / Towards The Pillars
Rome In Monochrome – Interview
Scuorn – Interview
Ygfan – Köd

Omnia Malis Est – Víteliú
OvO – Creatura
La Puerta Número Dos – Twelve Doors And A Key

Mistur – In Memoriam
No Man Eyes – Cosmogony
Párodos – Demo
Penfield – Parallaxi5

Acoustic Anomaly – Dominvs. Tinea
Ars Veneficium – The Reign Of The Infernal King
Hammerhands – Largo Forte
Rome In Monochrome – Karma Anubis
Stellar Temple – Domestic Molester

A Thousand Sufferings – Burden
Atretic Intestine – Trail Of Entrails
Boobs Of Doom – WOW IS DEAD.
Red Cain – Red Cain

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