Hello everyone,

sadly, another year is gone. And even more sadly, we are still alive in this new one. I guess that "Fate/Grand Order"'s expectations for the extinction of humanity in December 2016 was just a lie; I feel betrayed. That aside, we can't help but wish you a crappy new year, hoping that a lot of good — yet horrible — music will keep us company during this umpteenth 365 days long journey. In the meantime, we can take one last look to the past year thanks to our 2016 Playlist, where you'll find opinions of our staff members: the best and the worst, as well as emerging and rediscovered bands; once again, we invite you to take a look on out Soundcloud playlist to taste how the past year has been for us. And in exchange, feel free to tell us your opinions about what you enjoyed and what disappointed you.

Speaking of great horrible music, we want to start 2017 with two very interesting releases, which some of us considered worthy of being put in their «top 5»: let's start with Italian band (EchO) and their latest effort "Head First Into Shadows", made of an oniric Doom-Death sound with a prominent Post-Metal vein that will be surely appreciated by fans of this hybrid; then we have the debut album of French Créatures, kind of a corpse-painted horror opera with a lot going on, despite its deeply traditional sounds: if you enjoy theremin, multiple vocalists and weird stuff in your daily cup of Black Metal, this one is definitely for you.

Finally, we want to thank you all for all the support you give us during all these years and especially the one which just ended. We are very happy of how things are going for our webzine: we got many new members, among which two from Finland who gave us interesting live reports and helped a lot managing our Facebook page; needless to say, the work of the ones based in Italy is noteworthy too, providing always great articles and giving us the chance to improve the international side of our website — chance we surely don't want to lose. As for the Great Old Ones of the staff, we'll just keep doing our best to write about the music of our Lord Lucifer. Or Cthulhu. Or Suzumiya Haruhi-sama. Or whatever god or demon you worship.

Well, that's all for 2016. We hope you'll keep supporting the underground with us. Sayonara!

2016 Playlist
(EchO) – Head First Into Shadows
Créatures – Le Noir Village

Aanod – Interview
Trees Of Eternity – Hour Of The Nightingale

Khaospath – …For The Devil Speaks The Truth
Liturgy Of Decay – First Psalms (Psalms Of Agony And Revolt – First And Early Shape)
Sonata Arctica – The Ninth Hour

Antimateria – Valo Aikojen Takaa
Hail Spirit Noir – Mayhem In Blue
Nekrokrist SS / Infamous – Split
The Drowning – Interview

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