#169 AN ENDLESS CATERPILLAR | Aristocrazia Webzine


Hello beloved followers of the aristocratic cult,

This week we have quite a few palatable updates, beginning with a very interesting interview to the band that created one of the most appreciated albums of 2016 ("Samen"): the French experimental duo öOoOoOoOoOo (aka Chenille, or Caterpillar), who replied to the questions asked by our Vlakorados in an extensive and meaningful chat.

As for reviews, we have officially entered the year 2017 with two releases: the latest effort by French doom metal act Endless Floods that just came out at the beginning of January, and the debut album by Italian instrumental noise rock trio Maledetta Dopamina officially appearing at the end of the month (for fans of Zu, Morkobot, and so on). Naturally, this doesn't mean we have stopped reviewing material from last year, as you can see from Bosj's review of the third record by the Australian black metal project Astral Winter, released via Immortal Frost Productions.

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Astral Winter – Forest Of Silence
Endless Floods – II
Maledetta Dopamina – Maledetta Dopamina
öOoOoOoOoOo – Interview

Darkthrone – Arctic Thunder
HMS Keelhaul – Anchord
Mesarthim – Pillars

2016 Playlist
(EchO) – Head First Into Shadows
Créatures – Le Noir Village

Aanod – Interview
Trees Of Eternity – Hour Of The Nightingale