Hello everyone,

We have prepared quite a rich update for you all this week, so please fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a journey that will take you to the farthest depths of the galaxy.

The main issue is that we will have to depart from the filthy and rotten abyss of human evil, as the German death metal band Toderlebend accompany us through this suffering in their debut release "In Stench We Rot". Next stop is a caleidoscopic trip in our individual minds, constantly bombed by a never-ending flow of information and stimuli, in this case depicted by the Russian/Ukrainian experimental/alternative duo Dan Deagh Wealcan in "Fragmented Consciousness". The final destination of this complicated quest is the "Deep Blue Firmament" acting as the main theme of the latest effort by the legendary Italian ethereal neofolk band Ataraxia.

We have also continued with our interviews to emerging metal acts, and this time our Elisunn had a chat with the Finnish heavy band HMS Keelhaul, that we had initially encountered with their debut "Anchor"

As a bonus, you can listen to our new SoundCloud playlist, a selection of doom-influenced works that have been reviewed during 2016: "Doomed to Listen to Doom", featuring bands such as Abysmal Grief, Rome In Monochrome, Plateau Sigma, and many others.

See you soon!

Ataraxia – Deep Blue Firmament
Dan Deagh Wealcan – Fragmented Consciousness
HMS Keelhaul – Interview
Toderlebend – In Stench We Rot

Astral Winter – Forest Of Silence
Endless Floods – II
Maledetta Dopamina – Maledetta Dopamina
öOoOoOoOoOo – Interview

Darkthrone – Arctic Thunder
HMS Keelhaul – Anchord
Mesarthim – Pillars

2016 Playlist
(EchO) – Head First Into Shadows
Créatures – Le Noir Village

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