#178 BLACKER THAN FATE | Aristocrazia Webzine


Dear followers,

You might know that, in Italy, Friday 17 is considered as unlucky as Friday 13 is in English-speaking countries. Well, we just happened to have two consecutive months with this specific date, and our Finland-based reporter Elisunn thought it fitting to celebrate the occasion in February by attending a very black metal happening at the Virgin Oil in Helsinki. Urfaust, Totalselfhatred, Teloch, and Kyy, we are pretty sure you will find something to your liking.

As for reviews, we stayed on the dark side of the galaxy, featuring the Czech orthodox black metal act Sekhmet, and the experimental combo from Norway Khonsu (which our Bosj highly appreciated). Not only black metal this week, as Giup analyzed the debut EP by the Russian drone-inspired project Offret.

Lastly, we have recovered a 2010 interview to the Norwegian one-man band Voluspaa. In addition, you can finally find a new playlist on our SoundCloud profile, featuring some of the bands we have seen live over the first few months of 2017.

See you soon!

Khonsu – The Xun Protectorate
Offret – Offret
Sekhmet – Spiritual Eclipse
Urfaust + Totalselfhatred + Teloch + Kyy – Live @ Virgin Oil, Helsinki (17/02/2017)
Voluspaa – Interview [2010]

Dreariness – Fragments
Matalobos – Arte Macabro
Russian Circles + Cloakroom – Live @ The Cage Theatre, Livorno (03/03/2017)

Apognosis – Phase 6
Humanitas Error Est – Human Pathomorphism
Ketch – The Anthem Of Dread
Tamerlan – Luciferian

Demonic Death Judge + Plaguebreather + VVORSE – Live @ Lucky Monkeys (11/02/2017)
Revenience – Revenant
Sekhmet – Interview [2011]

Créatures – Interview
Hifiklub Vs. Fatso Jetson (+ Gary Arce) – Double Quartet Serie Vol. 1
Marianas Rest – Horror Vacui