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International Workers' Day might have come, but we Aristocrats know no break or rest. How do we manage to keep ourselves so active? Well, we are truly fascinated by experiments and oddities! And guess what may be today's update keyword? That's right, it's «experimentation».

First of all, let's meet the French avantgarde project Netra, which impressed our Vlakorados-sensei with its fantastic mixture of Trip-Hop and Black Metal — possibly to be featured in his 2017's Top 5. Crossing the Alps, the Italian band Sothiac experiments with Drone, Psychedelic Rock and Krautrock and its debut work, "Sothis", is something those who're into experimentations and avantgarde vocals are going to appreciate!

In the meanwhile, from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Peter Scartabello comes back onto our digital pages with the new album of its creature, Sky Shadow Obelisk. And yes, it's quite antithetically, but "The Gift Of Light" is a Doom-Death album with some Grunge and Stoner veins: definitely interesting, don't you think so?

I guess that's all for today's update, folks — alas! Have an odd week and remember: keep on experimenting with your lives as people does with music. Heippa hei!

Netra – Ingrats
Sky Shadow Obelisk – The Gift Of Light
Sothiac – Sothis

Corde Oblique – Interview
Dan Deagh Wealcan – Fragmented Life
Mayhem + Dragged Into Sunlight + Inferno @ Mostovna, Nova Gorica (07/04/2017)

Corde Oblique @ Caos Teatro, Villaricca (08/04/2017)
Doedsvangr – Satan Ov Suns
Krobak – Interview
OHHMS – The Fool

Krobak – Nightbound
Orange Goblin + Monolord @ Nosturi, Helsinki (01/04/2017)
Wrath From Above – Interview
Zealotry – The Last Witness

Arkhaeon – Beyond
Pryapisme – Diabolicus Felinae Pandemonium 
Wormwood – Ghostlands: Wounds From A Bleeding Earth

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