#186 GODS AND MACHINES | Aristocrazia Webzine


Hello people,

This week we have two new reviews for our international followers, are you ready for this short (but intense) metal trip?

If you have been following the Italian underground over the past few months, you might have stumbled upon a folk/black metal project called Scuorn. It hails from Naples and has included in its debut album "Parthenope" lots of legends and characters dating back to the Greek and Roman times of the city; of course, our Neapolitan member Oneiros could not miss out on this release.

As for the more "mechanical" takes on our beloved genre, we analyzed the latest work by Swedish act Obitus, "Slaves To The Vast Machine", featuring prominent electronic (and dystopic) elements.

Let's get started!

Obitus – Slaves To The Vast Machine
Scuorn – Parthenope

Akroma – Apocalypse [Requiem]
Akroma – Interview
Eivør @ Tavastia, Helsinki (26/04/2017)
Howls Of Ebb – The Marrow Veil

Netra – Ingrats
Sky Shadow Obelisk – The Gift Of Light
Sothiac – Sothis

Corde Oblique – Interview
Dan Deagh Wealcan – Fragmented Life
Mayhem + Dragged Into Sunlight + Inferno @ Mostovna, Nova Gorica (07/04/2017)

Corde Oblique @ Caos Teatro, Villaricca (08/04/2017)
Doedsvangr – Satan Ov Suns
Krobak – Interview
OHHMS – The Fool