Dear Aristocratic readers,

As you should now perfectly know, we do not allow ourselves to go on holiday and leave you without our weekly dose of trvly good music; so here we go, with this first round for this katatonic July!

Since we're now going to enjoy the hottest days of summer, Mesarthim's new release should provide a good, Black Metal balm for soothing your minds: their music will once again throw you in the most cosmic spaces — where it's supposed to be just a little cooler than here. Our Bosj has appreciated their work, as he always does — but has nevertheless pointed out something about their productivity…

If the cosmic space experience doesn't suit you, maybe Ifriqiyya Electrique's electronic/experimental sound could be a valuable alternative option. And the mixture of genres they play is just the beginning: the whole project's album is also a very peculiar kind of documentary. You're not going to be just listening to some music, believe me — and our Vlakorados, above all!

Last but not least, for the joy of intrumental Post-Rock lovers, LordPist wrote down some lines about Terraformer: their album has undoubtedly surprised him. As you can see, going for a wander in the underground (as the band has done over the last years) could definitely be of use!

I suppose that's all for today's update: make sure you enjoy your sunny days. Salutations on behalf of your almost-come-back-in-Finland Oneiros: heippa hei! 

Ifriqiyya Electrique – Rûwâhîne
Mesarthim – The Great Filter/Type III
Terraformer – Mineral

Al-Namrood – Enkar
Hammerdrone – Dark Harvest

Aelter – IV: Love Eternal
Manetheren – The End

Ulver + Stian Westerhus (03/06/2017 @ Labirinto della Masone, Fontanellato)

Duel – Witchbanger
The Loom Of Time – NihilReich

Ashram – Human And Divine
Power Trip – Nightmare Logic

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